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[antimicrobial susceptibility and prevalence of beta-lactamase producing clinical isolates in southern kyushu. the results of collaborative study from 1999 to 2000].the positivity of beta-lactamase and antimicrobial susceptibility were determined in a total of 1,358 clinical isolates at 15 hospitals and clinics in four prefectures in southern kyushu (okinawa, miyazaki, kagoshima and kumamoto) during the period from december 1999 to february 2000. the isolates collected comprised of 176 strains of s. aureus, 203 of h. influenzae, 102 of m. catarrhalis, 206 of e. coli, 153 of k. pneumoniae, 99 of e. cloacae, 95 of s. marcescens, 201 of p. aeruginosa, 79 of e. ...200212599533
etiological analysis and epidemiological comparison among adult cap and nhcap patients in okinawa, japan.etiological epidemiology and diagnosis are important issues for cap and nhcap. despite the availability of effective therapies, significant morbidity and mortality ensues.201728431934
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