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parasites of domestic and wild animals in south africa. xxxiii. ixodid ticks on scrub hares in the north-eastern regions of northern and eastern transvaal and of kwazulu-natal.ixodid ticks were collected from scrub hares (lepus saxatilis) at three localities. nine tick species were recovered from 24 hares examined at pafuri, kruger national park, northern transvaal. the most abundant and prevalent species were hyalomma truncatum, rhipicephalus kochi and a rhipicephalus species (near r. pravus). twelve tick species were collected from 120 scrub hares examined around skukuza, kruger national park, eastern transvaal. the immature stages of hyalomma truncatum were most ab ...19958600436
ticks (acari: ixodidae) of small antelopes: steenbok, raphicerus campestris and suni, neotragus moschatus.during surveys on the tick burdens of various wildlife species in south africa, nine small antelopes became available for study. six of these were steenbok, raphicerus campestris and three sunis, neotragus moschatus, and their tick burdens are recorded here. the steenbok were examined in three nature reserves and harboured nine tick species. the sunis were examined in a fourth reserve and were infested with eight species. the steenbok and sunis were generally infested with the immature stages of ...200617058446
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