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in vitro adsorption revealing an apparent strong interaction between endophyte pantoea agglomerans ys19 and host rice.pantoea (formerly enterobacter) agglomerans ys19 is a dominant diazotrophic endophyte isolated from rice (oryza sativa cv. yuefu) grown in a temperate-climate region in west beijing, china. in vitro adsorption and invasion of ys19 on host plant root were studied in this research. adsorption of ys19 on rice seedling roots closely resembled the langmuir adsorption and showed a higher adsorption quantity than the control strains paenibacillus polymyxa wy110 (a rhizospheric bacterium from the same r ...200818781359
pantoea pleuroti sp. nov., isolated from the fruiting bodies of pleurotus eryngii.four gram-negative-staining, facultatively anaerobic bacterial isolates were obtained from the fruiting bodies of the edible mushroom pleurotus eryngii showing symptoms of bacterial blight disease in beijing, china. nearly complete 16s rrna gene sequencing placed these isolates in the genus pantoea. multilocus sequence analysis based on the partial sequences of atpd, gyrb, infb and rpob revealed pantoea agglomerans as their closest phylogenetic relatives. dna-dna hybridization and phenotypic tes ...201626581526
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