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outbreak of campylobacter enteritis associated with cross-contamination of food--oklahoma, 1996.on august 29, 1996, the jackson county health department (jchd) in southwestern oklahoma notified the oklahoma state department of health (osdh) of a cluster of campylobacter jejuni infections that occurred during august 16-20 among persons who had eaten lunch at a local restaurant on august 15. this report summarizes the investigation of these cases and indicates that c. jejuni infection was most likely acquired from eating lettuce cross-contaminated with raw chicken. this report also emphasize ...19989498294
seasonal study of a freshwater lake and migratory waterfowl for campylobacter the summer and fall of 1981, water and sediment samples from lake onalaska, a mississippi river navigation pool near la crosse, wisconsin, were quantitatively examined for campylobacter jejuni and for standard bacterial indicators of fecal pollution. fifty cecal content samples, representing seven species of transient waterfowl captured during fall migration, were also assayed for c. jejuni. fecal coliform and fecal streptococcus counts from the water and sediment samples agreed with previous ...19846488104
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