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the seasonal variation in the microbial agents implicated in the etiology of diarrheal diseases among children in lao people's democratic republic.during 1994-1995, the etiological structure of children's diarrhea was monitored in outpatients at mahosot hospital, vientiane, lao pdr. of the 191 children studied, 42% had stool specimens positive for enteropathogens; 22% had rotavirus, 21.5% enteropathogenic e. coli, 4.7% shigella flexneri, 2.9% campylobacter jejuni, 2.1% shigella sonnei, and 0.5% each of giardia intestinalis and entamoeba histolytica. no vibrio cholerae and salmonella spp. was detected in this monitoring. in children under f ...199910774703
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