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pneumonia in saskatchewan swine: abattoir incidence of intrathoracic lesions in pigs from a herd infected with haemophilus pleuropneumoniae and from other herds.a 1978-79 survey of the incidence of thoracic cavity lesions at slaughter had shown that the overall incidence of pleurisy in saskatchewan swine was low (2%). therefore, in the summer of 1979 a comparison was made between the incidence of pleurisy in a herd of pigs chronically affected with haemophilus pleuropneumoniae pneumonia and in animals from other herds slaughtered at the same time. the incidence of pleurisy in control pigs (3.6%) was slightly higher than in the large scale survey but in ...19817340926
disease risks associated with free-ranging wild boar in saskatchewan.this study investigated the disease status of saskatchewan's feral wild boar population. whole carcasses, tissue samples, and/or serum from 81 hunter-killed boars from saskatchewan were submitted to the canadian wildlife health cooperative (cwhc) between 2009 and 2014. serological tests were negative for prrs, h1n1, and h3n2 swine influenza, pcv-2, and tge/prcv in 22/22 boars and for toxoplasma gondii and mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in 20/20 boars. of 20 boars whose sera were tested 20 were positiv ...026246630
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