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serological characterization of actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae strains isolated from pigs in quebec.a total of 3306 isolates of a. pleuropneumoniae originating from lung tissues of pigs that died of acute pleuropneumonia and 140 isolates recovered from tonsils or nasal cavities of apparently healthy pigs from chronically infected herds were serotyped. various serotyping methods, such as slide agglutination, tube agglutination, ring precipitation, coagglutination, immunodiffusion, indirect hemagglutination and counterimmunoelectrophoresis either alone or in combination were used. the techniques ...19921441197
seroprevalence of actinobacillus (haemophilus) pleuropneumoniae serotype-1 infection in swine herds in quebec.seroprevalence of actinobacillus (haemophilus) pleuropneumoniae serotype-1 infection was evaluated in pigs on 7 farms in quebec. commercial cross-bred herds a to g, ranging from 110 to 235 sows and infected with a pleuropneumoniae serotype-1 were selected. five pigs/litter were selected at random and were identified (group 1). blood samples were obtained from group-1 pigs at 2 to 4, 14, 28, 42, and 56 days of age. blood also was obtained from group-1 pigs remaining in the postweaning unit at 70 ...19902298655
streptococcus suis infection in swine. a sixteen month study.a total of 349 isolates of streptococcus suis retrieved from different tissues from diseased pigs were examined in this study. only 48% of them could be categorized as one of serotypes 1 to 8 and 1/2. among typable isolates, serotype 2 was the most prevalent (23%), followed by serotype 3 (10%). the majority of all isolates originated from lungs, meninges/brain, and multiple tissues. forty-one percent of typable isolates and 33% of untypable isolates were retrieved in pure culture. other isolates ...19902306668
changes in the susceptibility of actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae to antimicrobial agents in quebec (1981-1986).an important reduction in the in vitro efficacy of spectinomycin and chloramphenicol was recorded between 1981 and 1986 against the causal agent of porcine pleuropneumonia actinobacillus. antimicrobial susceptibility tests were carried out by use of kirby-bauer disk diffusion technique on a total of 723 isolates of actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae. results did not agree with those of other reports in which a constant susceptibility to any of the antimicrobial agents tested was reported with serot ...19883170322
porcine pleuropneumonia associated with haemophilus pleuropneumoniae serotype 3 in quebec. 19846523705
efficacy of tilmicosin in the control of experimentally induced actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae infection in swine.the efficacy of tilmicosin administered in the feed to control actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae infections in pigs was evaluated through a multisite, multitrial study. for each of 6 trials, 48 pigs (stratified by weight and sex) were randomly assigned to 6 to 8 pens. medicated feed containing tilmicosin (200 g/t) and unmedicated feed were randomly assigned at the pen level and were provided ad libitum from day -7 to trial termination (day 14). seeder pigs (inoculated intranasally with a. pleuropn ...200414979429
development and use of a multiplex real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction assay for detection and differentiation of porcine circovirus-2 genotypes 2a and 2b in an epidemiological the end of 2004, the canadian swine population had experienced a severe increase in the incidence of porcine circovirus-associated disease (pcvad), a problem that was associated with the emergence of a new porcine circovirus-2 genotype (pcv-2b), previously unrecovered in north america. thus, it became important to develop a diagnostic tool that could differentiate between the old and new circulating genotypes (pcv-2a and pcv-2b, respectively). consequently, a multiplex real-time quantitative ...200818776085
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