a multistate outbreak of infections caused by yersinia enterocolitica transmitted by pasteurized june and july 1982, a large interstate outbreak of yersinia enterocolitica infections caused by an unusual serotype occurred in tennessee, arkansas, and mississippi. eighty-six percent of cases had enteritis characterized by fever, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. in three separate case-control studies, drinking milk pasteurized by plant a was statistically associated with illness. in a survey of randomly chosen households, 8.3% of persons who recalled having drunk milk from plant a during the s ...19846546313
from pig to pacifier: chitterling-associated yersiniosis outbreak among black this case-control study of yersinia enterocolitica infections among black infants, chitterling preparation was significantly associated with illness (p<0.001). of 13 samples of chitterlings tested, 2 were positive for yersinia intermedia and 5 for salmonella. decontamination of chitterlings before sale with methods such as irradiation should be strongly considered.200312967503
mass spectrometry biotyper system identifies enteric bacterial pathogens directly from colonies grown on selective stool culture media.we evaluated the performance and cost-effectiveness of a matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry-based biotyper system for the routine identification of common enteric bacterial pathogens seen in middle tennessee from suspicious colonies grown on selective stool culture media. a total of 304 suspicious colonies were selected and further identified from 605 stool specimens. the suspicious colonies were analyzed by the biotyper system, and the results were comp ...201020844226
evaluation of drug-resistant enterobacteriaceae in retail poultry and beef.there has been increasing concern on the emergence of multidrug-resistant foodborne pathogens from foods of animal origin, including poultry. the current study aimed to evaluate antibiotic-resistant enterobacteriaceae from raw retail chicken/turkey parts (thigh, wings, breast, and ground) and beef meat (ground and chunks) in middle tennessee. resistance of the collected enterobacteriaceae to a panel of antibiotics was determined by the kirby-bauer disk diffusion test. retail meats were also assa ...201323472034
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