mastitis caused by bacillus anthracis in a beef cow.a mixed-breed beef cow was presented with swelling of the front and hind left quarters of the mammary gland and mild depression. direct examination and culture of the serosanguinous-like milk samples collected from these quarters were consistent with bacillus anthracis infection.200819043486
case-control study investigating an anthrax outbreak in saskatchewan, canada--summer 2006, an outbreak of anthrax in saskatchewan affected several species but most of the losses occurred in cattle. potential risk factors contributing to this outbreak were investigated through questionnaires involving 117 case farms and 259 control farms geographically representative of the saskatchewan beef herd. the occurrence of flooding [odds ratio (or) = 3.4; 95% confidence interval (ci): 1.8 to 6.4], wetter pastures (good: or = 3.5; 95% ci: 1.4 to 8.5; wet: or = 7.2; 95% ci: 2.9 to 18.1) ...201021119863
spatial analysis of an anthrax outbreak in saskatchewan, outbreak of anthrax in saskatchewan in 2006 affected more than 800 animals at 150 locations. the purpose of this study was to assess the spatial and temporal patterns among the cases to determine if there were any significant trends associated with this outbreak. case and population data were first analyzed for each individual farm location and then again as aggregate data per rural municipality using spatial and spatiotemporal statistical methods such as oden's ipop, cuzick-edwards' test, sp ...201020885827
anthrax in saskatchewan 2006: an outbreak overview. 200818390096
saskatchewan. unusual winter outbreak of anthrax. 200415283524
clinical impressions of anthrax from the 2006 outbreak in saskatchewan.clinical signs and carcass traits observed during the 2006 saskatchewan anthrax outbreak were largely consistent with those previously published, except for cutaneous anthrax and anthrax mastitis in cows, and subcutaneous edema in bulls and horses. failure of blood to clot was the most reliable indicator of anthrax in carcasses.200919436482
anthrax in free-ranging bison in the prince albert national park area of saskatchewan in 2008. 200919412394
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