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classification of bacteria from commercial egg washers and washed and unwashed eggs.a total of 432 bacterial isolates from washed and unwashed eggs, egg-washer surfaces, and washwaters from five egg-grading plants in maryland and southeastern pennsylvania were classified. counts on equipment surfaces showed considerable variation from plant to plant, reflecting care used in cleaning. unwashed eggs had a higher percentage of gram-positive cocci (71%), and isolates included streptococcus faecalis, aerococcus, and escherichia coli, which were not isolated from equipment surfaces a ...19806893532
ten-year review of otitis media collected from 1980 to 1989 by investigators at the pittsburgh otitis media research center were examined to detect changes over time in the prevalence of bacteria isolated from middle ear effusions in patients with otitis media. the organisms isolated most commonly from the 7396 effusions cultured at the center were streptococcus pneumoniae and haemophilus influenzae. s. pneumoniae predominated in the subgroup of patients with acute otitis media, whereas h. influenzae was isolated most fre ...19921513611
a flavobacterium meningosepticum outbreak among intensive care patients.a flavobacterium meningosepticum outbreak, involving 12 infected and 47 colonized intensive care patients during the months of february through july 1990, was investigated. f. meningosepticum was isolated from tap water and ice, but these environmental strains eventually proved to be distinct from those colonizing patients. a review of newly colonized patients' charts revealed that a common factor among the patients was daily changes of ventilator tubing pasteurized in the hospital's central ste ...19938342868
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