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microbiological characteristics of dungeness crab (cancer magister).aerobic, heterotropic microorganisms of dungeness crab (cancer magister) were isolated from raw crab, cooked crab, crab meats obtained during commercial processing, and from retail crab meat samples. each microbial isolate was then identified to the genus level employing the revised replica plating procedure. microbial groups most commonly isolated from crab meat were, in the order of predominance, moraxella, pseudomonas, acinetobacter, arthrobacter, micrococcus, flavobacterium-cytophaga, and ba ...19751096824
antibiotic resistance patterns of gram-negative bacteria isolated from environmental sources.a total of 2,445 gram-negative bacteria belonging to fecal coliform, pseudomonas, moraxella, acinetobacter, and flavobacterium-cytophaga groups were isolated from the rivers and bay of tillamook, oregon, and their resistances to chloramphenicol (25 microgram/ml), streptomycin (10 microgram/ml), ampicillin (10 microgram/ml), tetracycline (25 microgram/ml), chlortetracycline (25 microgram/ml), oxytetracycline (25 microgram/ml), neomycin (50 microgram/ml), nitrofurazone (12.5 microgram/ml), nalidix ...1978727777
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