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antibiotic resistance among respiratory pathogens in preschool determine the prevalence of antibiotic resistance among common respiratory pathogens circulating in the community.19957565207
the filamentous morphotype eikelboom type 1863 is not a single genetic entity.five isolates of a filamentous bacterial morphotype with the distinctive diagnostic microscopic features of eikelboom type 1863 were obtained from activated sludge sewage treatment plants in victoria, australia. on the basis of phenotypic evidence and 16s rdna sequence data, these isolates proved to be polyphyletic. two (ben 06 and ben 06c) are from the chryseobacterium subgroup which is in the cytophaga group, subdivision i of the flexibacter-cytophaga-bacteroides phylum. two (ben 56 and ben 59 ...19979134715
serologic cross-reactivity of australian moraxella bovis to vaccinal bacterin strains as determined by competitive conduct a serologic survey and define pili antigenic variability via the serologic cross-reactivity of moraxella bovis isolates from naturally occurring infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis (ibk) outbreaks in australia. this project applies to the development of an m bovis pili-based vaccine targeting australian strains originating from intensive cattle producing regions.200818363984
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