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respiratory syncytial virus infection in hospitalized patients and healthy children in el salvador.nasopharyngeal specimens from 42 children less than one-year old hospitalized with bronchiolitis or pneumonia in el salvador were analyzed for the presence of subgroup-specific respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) antigens by the indirect immunofluorescence technique. the antigen rsv-a was demonstrated in 28 children, rsv-b in three, and in one child subgroup, specificity could not be determined. the male:female ratio in the rsv-infected children was 1.9:1. the most severe disease, requiring intens ...19947985749
eosinophil cationic protein in nasopharyngeal secretions and serum of infants infected with respiratory syncytial virus.eosinophil cationic protein (ecp) was assayed in nasopharyngeal secretion (nps) and serum from 42 infants, hospitalized with acute lower respiratory infection, in el salvador and the results analyzed in relation to etiology of the infection. ecp concentrations were high in nps, at an average 50 times higher than those found in serum. exceedingly high levels of ecp (> 1000 micrograms/l) were found more frequently in wheezing than in non-wheezing children (30% vs 7%) and, accordingly, were more co ...19948087188
respiratory infection and iatrogenic diarrhea in honduras and el salvador during the 1991-1992 season.the etiology of acute respiratory tract infection and its association with diarrhea was analyzed in 135 hospitalized children less than three years of age with mainly respiratory symptoms in two pediatric hospitals in honduras and el salvador. etiologic diagnoses were performed on nasopharyngeal samples by tissue culture and immunofluorescence, including a search for the presence of respiratory virus-specific immunoglobulin a antibodies. fecal samples were subjected to electron microscopy and ti ...19968600762
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