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concentration and subcellular distribution of trace elements in liver of small cetaceans incidentally caught along the brazilian coast.concentrations of trace elements (v, cr, mn, fe, co, cu, zn, ga, as, se, rb, sr, mo, ag, cd, sb, cs, ba, t-hg, org-hg, tl and pb) were determined in liver samples of estuarine dolphin (sotalia guianensis; n = 20), franciscana dolphin (pontoporia blainvillei; n = 23), atlantic spotted dolphin (stenella frontalis; n = 2), common dolphin (delphinus capensis; n = 1) and striped dolphin (stenella coeruleoalba; n = 1) incidentally caught along the coast of sao paulo state and parana state, brazil, fro ...200415476836
group size and composition of guiana dolphins (sotalia guianensis) (van bénèden, 1864) in the paranaguá estuarine complex, brazil.the aim of the present study was to describe the characteristics of guiana dolphins (s. guianensis) group size and composition in the paranaguá estuarine complex (25 degrees 15'-25 degrees 36' s and 48 degrees 02'-48 degrees 45' w), paraná state, as well as to verify the existence of relationships between a given environmental variable (water depth, salinity, transparency and temperature) and group size. an area of around 124 km(2) was surveyed by boat from april 2006 to february 2008 in the fol ...201020231966
helminths of sotalia guianensis (cetacea: delphinidae) from the south and southeastern coasts of brazil.from may 1997 to october 2000, 49 sotalia guianensis (tucuxi dolphin) incidentally caught in fishing nets or stranded in são paulo (sp) and paraná (pr) states in brazil were necropsied. in total, 17 lungs, 35 stomachs, and 30 intestines were analyzed. contents were washed through a sieve (mesh, 150 mm) and examined under a stereoscopic microscope for parasites. histopathologic analyses were performed in the lungs of five infected dolphins. the nematode halocercus brasiliensis was found in 88% of ...201020688658
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