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evidence for field-evolved resistance of striacosta albicosta (lepidoptera: noctuidae) to cry1f bacillus thuringiensis protein and transgenic corn hybrids in ontario, canada.western bean cutworm, striacosta albicosta (smith) (lepidoptera: noctuidae), is a pest of corn (zea mays l.) that has recently expanded its range into ontario, canada. control of s. albicosta damage to corn hybrids containing event tc1507-expressing cry1f bacillus thuringiensis protein alone or pyramided with event mon 89034 expressing cry1a.105 and cry2ab2 bt proteins was tested in 2011-2015 in ontario in small- and large-scale field plots with natural infestation. in 2011, significantly lower ...201728961904
leaf wetness duration measurement: comparison of cylindrical and flat plate sensors under different field general, leaf wetness duration (lwd) is a key parameter influencing plant disease epidemiology, since it provides the free water required by pathogens to infect foliar tissue. lwd is used as an input in many disease warning systems, which help growers to decide the best time to spray their crops against diseases. since there is no observation standard either for sensor or exposure, lwd measurement is often problematic. to assess the performance of electronic sensors, lwd measurements obtained ...200717124590
life cycle assessment of switchgrass- and corn stover-derived ethanol-fueled automobiles.utilizing domestically produced cellulose-derived ethanol for the light-duty vehicle fleet can potentially improve the environmental performance and sustainability of the transport and energy sectors of the economy. a life cycle assessment model was developed to examine environmental implications of the production and use of ethanol in automobiles in ontario, canada. the results were compared to those of low-sulfur reformulated gasoline (rfg) in a functionally equivalent automobile. two time fra ...200516475363
phenology and field biology of black cutworm (lepidoptera: noctuidae) in ontario no-till cutworm, agrotis ipsilon (hufnagel), is an occasional corn, zea mays l., pest that is attracted to no-till fields. understanding the phenology of black cutworm in ontario no-till corn, particularly the time of arrival of adults in relation to the onset of crop damage and the stages of larvae that coincide with vulnerable corn seedling leaf stages, is important for their effective control. pheromone and blacklight trap captures of moths first occurred in early april, whereas significant inf ...200516334329
use of transgenic bacillus thuringiensis berliner corn hybrids to determine the direct economic impact of the european corn borer (lepidoptera: crambidae) on field corn in eastern canada.transgenic corn expressing bacillus thuringiensis berliner (bt corn) (maximizer and yieldgard hybrids, novartis seeds), non-bt isolines and high-performance (check) hybrids were evaluated for european corn borer, ostrinia nubilalis (hübner), damage and grain yield in commercial strip plots across ontario in 1996 and 1997. bt corn hybrids reduced stalk tunneling damage by 88-100%. in 1996, minimal damage was found in locations where only one generation of european corn borer occurred per year. bt ...200211942765
multi-year monitoring of canadian grains and grain-based foods for trichothecenes and zearalenone.monitoring of canadian grain crops and foods by the health protection branch for deoxynivalenol (don, vomitoxin) has been undertaken every year since 1980, when it was found in ontario soft wheat for the first time (in the 1979 and 1980 crops). contamination of this wheat crop has varied, with 22-100% incidences in all but 1 year and up to 0.75 micrograms/g for the annual means of positive samples. the canadian guideline for don is 2 micrograms/g in uncleaned soft wheat. western canadian hard wh ...19979205561
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