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[lead uptake by plant in soil-plant system at lead-zinc deposit area of western hunan province].contents of lead in several crops as well as its uptake and distribution by paddy in typical lead-zinc deposit area of western hunan province were studied based on field systematic sampling and laboratory analysis. the average concentration of lead in rice, maize and soy bean in the deposit was 2.4, 1.2 and 3.3 times higher than that in control area, respectively, suggesting that crops in the deposit were heavily contaminated by the element. significant difference of the lead concentrations in c ...200818441940
[characteristics of soil water movement using stable isotopes in red soil hilly region of northwest hunan].stable isotope techniques provide a new approach to study soil water movement. the process of water movement in soils under two kinds of plant types (oil tea and corn) were studied based on the observed values of hydrogen and oxygen isotopes of precipitation and soil water at different depths in red-soil sloping land. the results showed that stable isotopes of precipitation in this area had obvious seasonal effect and rainfall effect. the stable isotopes at 0-50 cm depth in oil tea forestland an ...200919927835
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