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[etiology of the epidemic outbreak of community-acquired pneumonia in children in st. petersburg].in september-december 1998 the epidemic rise of outhospital pneumonia (ep) among children was observed in st. petersburg, which led to a twofold increase in morbidity rate this year. the study of the etiology of ep during the period of 1998-2001 confirmed the prime role of streptococcus pneumoniae (74.5%) and, for the first time in russia, revealed the epidemic outbreak of acute chlamydiosis (chlamydia pneumoniae), diagnosed in 67.3% of children, the maximum occurrence (87.5%) in 1998 with only ...200415554304
[immunoserodiagnosis of acute streptococcus pneumoniae and chlamydia pneumoniae infections in the period of epidemic rise of non-hospital pneumonia in children in st. petersburg, 1998-2001].the dynamics of the antibody formation to s. pneumoniae and c. pneumoniae in children during the epidemic outbreak of non-hospital pneumonia in st. petersburg in 1998-2001 was studied. for the first time the inhibiting influence of acute c. pneumoniae infection on the synthesis of antibodies to s. pneumoniae in acute mixed infection was established. the prolonged (up to days 29-39 of the disease) circulation of igm and igg antibodies in acute chlamydial infection, as well as the prevalence of th ...200415346954
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