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antibody responses against natural taenia hydatigena infection in dogs in kenya.antibody responses (igg) against taenia hydatigena infection in dogs in kenya were analysed in elisa using excretory/secretory products of t. hydatigena scoleces derived from goat cysticercus cysts. helminth infections of individual dogs were confirmed at autopsy. t. hydatigena worms were found in 89.5% of 143 dogs, and positive anti-t. hydatigena antibody levels were detected in 58.7% of infected dogs. positive antiscolex antibody levels were detected in 40.0% of turkana dogs uninfected with t. ...19911869360
release and survival of echinococcus eggs in different environments in turkana, and their possible impact on the incidence of hydatidosis in man and turkana, kenya, a prevalence of hydatidosis of nearly 10% has been recorded among the pastoralists yet their livestock have a much lower prevalence of the disease. the present study investigated the release from dogs and subsequent survival of echinococcus eggs in turkana huts, water-holes and in the semi-arid environment. the results were compared with the survival of eggs of taenia hydatigena and t. saginata. the study was repeated under the cooler and moister conditions found in maasailand ...19912050986
hydatid disease in the turkana district of kenya, vii: analysis of the infection pressure between definitive and intermediate hosts of echinococcus granulosus, 1979-1988.the rate of acquisition of echinococcus granulosus and taenia hydatigena was examined in dogs treated with praziquantel in northwestern turkana district of kenya. an attempt was also made to assess the effect of drought on the prevalence of e. granulosus. the infection pressure to dogs with the cestodes was shown to be high, and the prevalence returned to pretreatment levels within six months. the unreliability of arecoline purging in prevalence studies of dog cestodes is shown by mathematical c ...19902260900
immunodetection of echinococcus eggs from naturally infected dogs and from environmental contamination sites in settlements in turkana, kenya.a species-specific indirect immunofluorescence test using an anti-echinococcus oncosphere monoclonal antibody (egoh6-4e5) was applied to identify echinococcus oncospheres released from taeniid eggs collected in environmental soil and water samples, and from perianal or faecal samples of naturally infected dogs, in northern turkana, kenya. the specificity of immunodetection of echinococcus eggs by specific fluorescence of echinococcus oncospheres from naturally infected dogs was 100% when compare ...19883055462
the use of ultrasound to study the prevalence of hydatid cysts in the right lung and liver of sheep and goats in turkana, kenya.ultrasound examination of the liver and right lung was performed in 260 sheep and 320 goats from the turkana district of kenya. hydatid cysts were visualized in 9.2% of the sheep and 2.5% of the goats. of the animals positive on ultrasound, 87.5% received post-mortem examinations. eighteen (6.9%) sheep and 5 (1.5%) goats were positive for hydatid cysts on ultrasound and post-mortem examination. false-positives were a result of taenia hydatigena cysticerci present in the liver in all but 1 case. ...19969024882
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