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combined eco-epidemiological and molecular biology approaches to assess echinococcus granulosus transmission to humans in mauritania: occurrence of the 'camel' strain and human cystic echinococcosis.mauritania lies between west-central africa where human cystic echinococcosis (ce) is considered extremely rare and west maghreb where ce accounts for a real public health problem. until 1992, mauritania was considered as human ce-free even through ce seemed well known in livestock. in 1992, the introduction of ultrasonography led to the diagnosis of the first human ce cases. in 1997, a veterinary study revealed that dogs living around nouakchott were commonly infected by echinococcus granulosus ...200212497974
[study of lesional aspects of hydatid echinococcosis in man in mauritania: fertility, histology of hydatid cysts and protoscolex viability].a lesional study on human hydatidosis (localization, fertility of cysts, protoscolex viability, and histological structure) focused on 63 human hydatid cysts from patients operated at chn of nouakchott was conducted during the period 1997-2007. the authors report the following results: the annual surgical incidence rate was in the order of 1.2% per 100,000 inhabitants. the lung was the primary localization of cyst (52%) followed by the liver (33%), spleen (4%), brain (3%), heart (2%), breasts (2 ...201021188568
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