pcr-sscp of rdna for the identification of trichinella isolates from mainland china.a polymerase chain reaction (pcr)-based single strand conformation polymorphism (sscp) analysis of the expansion segment 5 (domain iv) of the large subunit of ribosomal dna was employed to characterize seven isolates of trichinella from china (a-g), including six of pig origin from regions in dengxian (a), tianjin (b), harbin (d), baoshan (e), xinye (f) and xian (g), and one of canine origin from changchun (c). isolates a, d, e, f and g were classified as trichinella spiralis based on sscp patte ...19989584075
Molecular identification of three Trichinella isolates from Heilongjiang Province, People's Republic of China.DNAs of Trichinella dog isolate (HC), Trichinella swine isolate (HH) and Trichinella cat isolate (SW), obtained from Heilongjiang Province, were amplified by the fragments of 18S rDNA and ITS2. Two reference strains, Trichinella spiralis (ISS3) and Trichinella nativa (ISS10) were used for sequence comparison. Sequence and dendrogram analysis indicated that HC belonged to T. nativa and HH together with SW belonged to T. spiralis. This method permits rapid species identification of Trichinella iso ...201121864533
outbreaks of human trichinellosis caused by consumption of dog meat in meat has become an important source of trichinella infection for humans in china. the first documented outbreak of human trichinellosis resulting from the consumption of dog meat occurred in china in 1974. until 1999, the outbreaks with this source of infection occurred mostly in northeast of china (81 cases in five outbreaks in jilin and two in liaoning), beijing (six cases) and henan provinces (two cases). the epidemiological surveys were performed in nine provinces or autonomous regions o ...200111484389
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