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breast feeding may protect children against campylobacter jejuni associated investigate the bacterial etiology of infant diarrhea in karachi, pakistan, 180 rectal swab samples collected from diarrhea patients under 5 years of age and 30 samples from age- and sex-matched healthy children were analyzed. enteropathogenic organisms were isolated from 70 case samples (38.9%). the two most common etiologic agents were campylobacter jejuni (19.4%) and aeromonas hydrophilia (6.1%). salmonella, shigella, and yersina appear to have a limited incidence in this age group. no ...199612346517
seasonal variation in bacterial pathogens isolated from stool samples in karachi, determine the seasonal variation of the commonly isolated bacterial pathogens in stool samples.200312779031
guillain-barré syndrome in pakistan: similarity of demyelinating and axonal variants.guillain-barré syndrome (gbs) comprises multiple subtypes whose nosological and pathophysiologic interrelationships are unclear. in an attempt to better understand the relationship between the disease's major subtypes, we reviewed the characteristics of gbs cases consecutively admitted to a tertiary care hospital in karachi, pakistan, over a 13-year period. of 175 cases, 80 (46%) were demyelinating and 55 (31%) axonal, whilst 40 (23%) had ambiguous electrophysiological findings precluding classi ...200616796593
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