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respiratory syncytial virus epidemiology in a birth cohort from kilifi district, kenya: infection during the first year of life.we report estimates of incidence of respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) infection during the first year of life for a birth cohort from rural, coastal kenya. a total of 338 recruits born between 21 january 2002 and 30 may 2002 were monitored for symptoms of respiratory infection by home visits and hospital referrals. nasal washings were screened by use of immunofluorescence. from 311 child-years of observation (cyo), 133 rsv infections were found, of which 48 were lower respiratory tract infection ...200415499540
molecular epidemiology of respiratory syncytial virus in kilifi district, kenya.respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) causes significant burden of disease during infancy and childhood. this study examined the genetic relatedness of rsv positive samples from child inpatients and outpatients and a birth cohort from a rural coastal district of kenya and also the distribution of strains between these three groups. clinical samples were collected over a 4-year period in kilifi district, kenya from community and hospital surveillance. three hundred ninety seven of 1,044 nasal specime ...200415332285
respiratory syncytial virus infection and disease in infants and young children observed from birth in kilifi district, developing countries, there are few data that characterize the disease burden attributable to respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) and clearly define which age group to target for vaccine intervention.200818171213
incidence and severity of respiratory syncytial virus pneumonia in rural kenyan children identified through hospital surveillance.although necessary for developing a rationale for vaccination, the burden of severe respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) disease in children in resource-poor settings remains poorly defined.200919788358
the level and duration of rsv-specific maternal igg in infants in kilifi kenya.respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) is the major cause of lower respiratory tract infection in infants. the rate of decay of rsv-specific maternal antibodies (rsv-matab), the factors affecting cord blood levels, and the relationship between these levels and protection from infection are poorly defined.200919956576
viral etiology of severe pneumonia among kenyan infants and children.pneumonia is the leading cause of childhood death in sub-saharan africa. comparative estimates of the contribution of causative pathogens to the burden of disease are essential for targeted vaccine development.201020501927
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