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studies on antibody levels to brucella abortus, toxoplasma gondii and leptospira serogroups in sera collected by the national serum bank during 1974-1976.the new zealand national serum bank is a collection of human sera consisting predominantly of specimens taken from healthy new zealand blood donors. the studies presented here were designed to assess the antibody levels in two urban centres to brucella abortus, toxoplasma gondii and several leptospiral serogroups including all those found in new zealand. in none of the sera could complement fixing leptospiral antibodies be detected. there was evidence of low level immunity to both toxoplasma gon ...197944946
a simplified procedure for measuring the class of anti-bacterial antibodies by mixed reverse passive antiglobulin haemagglutination (mrpah).a modified procedure is described for performing the mrpah (mixed reverse passive antiglobulin haemagglutination) reaction as a simple micro-method to measure the classes of bacterial antibodies. this 'bacterial dilution procedure' gave results closely correlated with those obtained by the 'serum (sample) dilution procedure' previously reported and with great economy of materials, labour and time. the method was used to investigate human serum antibodies to br. abortus and s. enteritidis and ser ...1979108336
interaction of polymorphonuclear leukocytes with smooth and rough strains of brucella abortus.the bactericidal activity of guinea pig and human polymorphonuclear leukocytes (pmns) against a smooth-intermediate strain (45/0) and a rough strain (45/20) of brucella abortus has been examined. after incubation for 120 min, guinea pig pmns incubated with either the smooth strain 45/0 or the rough strain 45/20 exhibited no bactericidal activity against the former and caused only a 34% decrease in viability of the latter. human pmns were more bactericidal than guinea pig pmns to both strains; ho ...1979110680
a serologic survey of pronghorns in alberta and saskatchewan, determine the exposure of free-ranging pronghorns (antilocapra americana ord) to selected pathogens, serum samples were obtained from 33 live-trapped animals from southwestern saskatchewan in 1970, and from 26 and 51 animals from southeastern alberta, in 1971 and 1972, respectively. antibodies were found to the agents of parainfluenza 3, bovine virus diarrhea, eastern and western encephalomyelitis, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis and the chlamydial group. no serologic reactors were found to ...1975167203
[combined vaccines including 1 or several anti-foot-and-mouth valences].combined vaccines are used for many human and animal diseases. however, we have very few examples of combinations containing anti-foot-and-mouth valence which would allow easy immunization against differnet diseases without additional handling. until now foot-and-mouth vaccination has been applied simultaneously with anti-brucellic vaccination (baldoni, renoux), andi-anthrax (nobili) and vaccination against swine fever and aujeszky's disease (lysenko). during the last ten years we have particul ...1976198308
activation of reticuloendothelial system macrophages and enhancement of host resistance to a transplantable osteogenic sarcoma in mice by an extract of brucella aqueous-ether extract of brucella abortus, bru-pel, enhanced resistance of mice to a transplantable osteogenic sarcoma (ogs). the results presented in this report suggest that bru-pel is an effective immunomodulator and that one mechanism through which it enhances host resistance is activation of phagocytic cells of the reticuloendothelial system. peritoneal macrophages from mice inoculated with bru-pel 14 days previously were cytotoxic for ogs cells in vitro, limited the multiplication of va ...1978282007
trends of brucellosis in florida. an epidemiologic review.human brucellosis in florida is documented for the 47-year period 1928-1975. of the 936 cases reported in 1930-1975, more than half (505) occurred in the decade 1940-1949. the incidence declined rapidly to an average rate of five cases per year, although there was an increase in 1974 and 1975. the analysis is mainly concerned with the years 1961-1975, since more complete epidemiologic data are available for this period. cases occurred throughout the year, with the highest incidence being between ...1977403760
a screening method for the detection of brucella antibodies in human serum.the antiglobulin consumption test of steffen (1954) has been adapted for the detection of brucella antibodies in human serum. this screening method takes approximately two hours to complete and sera which give a negative result need no further investigations, whilst positive sera should be fully tested by the conventional brucella serology technique.1975804496
[adjuvant activity of the peptidoglycan isolated from the bacterial wall of brucella abortus 99].cell walls were obtained from brucella abortus 99. a peptidoglucan was isolated from them. test animals were immunized (albino mice) with pure human gammaglobulin, and in a series of experiments the peptidoglucan was added to the antigen, while in another one it was injected 24 hours later. the titer of the separated serum was determined in terms of the amount of the complement-fixing antibodies present, using the microreaction of complement fixation. it was established that with the addition of ...1975812253
brucellosis: the situation in western nigeria.over 55% of 7161 people examined in different parts of western nigeria have positive brucella abortus-antibodies in their sera. higher incidence of titres were found among dairy farmers and slaughtermen than in the general population. the rates of infection among the human and the cattle populations in two farms studied were very similar. there was evidence of high rate of cross-infections going on in one of these farms: more than 63% of the herd in this farm showed serological evidence of activ ...1976821186
enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) for titration of antibodies against brucella abortus and yersinia enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) using phenolwater extracted lipopolysaccarides as antigen was used for detection and quantitation of antibodies against brucella and yersinia bacteria in rabbit antisera. elisa was found to be from ten to hundred-fold more sensitive than the commonly used tube agglutination assay (widal). in addition, both direct and inhibition assays using elisa revealed antigenic differences between brucella abortus and yersinia enterocolitica o-group v, previously ...1976826112
control of brucellosis in kuwait by vaccination of cattle, sheep and goats with brucella abortus strain 19 or brucella melitensis strain rev. kuwait, approximately 12,000 dairy cows were vaccinated with a reduced dose of 3 x 10(9) brucella abortus strain 19 and approximately 350,000 sexually mature sheep and goats with a reduced dose of 10(7) b. melitensis strain rev. 1. using the criteria of prevaccinal and postvaccinal incidences of antibodies, abortions, and human cases of brucellosis, the programme was very successful. widespread vaccination of adult animals is the most effective method of controlling brucellosis among cattle, ...19921306918
effect of recombinant human macrophage colony-stimulating factor 1 on immunopathology of experimental brucellosis in mice.brucella abortus injected into cba mice replicated primarily in the spleen and liver, reaching a peak bacterial count in both organs about 7 days postinfection. the organism was eliminated from the liver but declined to a chronic phase in the spleen. the infection caused hepatosplenomegaly. an influx of macrophages into the two organs was monitored by quantitative northern (rna blot) analysis of the macrophage-specific marker lysozyme mrna. lysozyme mrna was detectable in spleen and increased th ...19921548070
effect of brucella abortus lipopolysaccharide on oxidative metabolism and lysozyme release by human neutrophils.both brucella abortus lipopolysaccharide (lps) and lipid a were low activators of nitroblue tetrazolium reduction and lysozyme release in human neutrophils. the stimulation was dose dependent and was higher in the presence of autologous plasma than in its absence. the comparison between brucella lps and lipid a versus salmonella lps revealed that at least 100 times more lps and 1,000 times more lipid a of the former genus were required to induce significant nitroblue tetrazolium reduction and a ...19921548094
identification and purification of a cpn60 heat shock protein homolog from helicobacter pylori.helicobacter pylori is associated with gastritis and peptic ulcer disease in humans. we have identified a homolog of the chaperonin cpn60 family of heat shock proteins in h. pylori, referred to as hp54k. hp54k, purified from water-extractable h. pylori proteins, migrated as a single band at 54 kda by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. its native molecular mass was 740 kda; thus, hp54k apparently comprises a 14-mer. the n-terminal 33 residues of hp54k exhibited 60.6, 57.6, ...19921563786
molecular modeling of antibody-antigen complexes between the brucella abortus o-chain polysaccharide and a specific monoclonal antibody.a molecular model of the binding site of an anti-carbohydrate antibody (yst9.1) has been developed using computer-assisted modeling techniques and molecular dynamics calculations. sequence homologies among yst9.1 and the fv regions of mcpc603, j539 and human bence--jones protein rei, all of which have solved crystal structures, provided the basis for the modeling. the groove-type combining site model had a topography which was complementary to low energy conformers of the polysaccharide, a bruce ...19911715561
human brucellosis: immunoblotting analysis of three brucella abortus antigenic fractions allows the detection of components of diagnostic importance.results indicating that analysis of the immune humoral response of brucellosis patients by immunoblotting provides useful information for the characterization of antigenic fractions of possible diagnostic importance in human brucellosis are presented. sera of 90 patients were obtained: 23 suffering from chronic brucellosis, 20 from acute brucellosis and 47 belonging to the group of serologically positive individuals (spi) without clinical evidence of active infection at the time of examination, ...19911726568
brucella abortus infection in 14 farm dogs.fourteen dogs were obtained from 10 farms with brucella-infected cattle and were studied for periods ranging from 2 to 81 days. at necropsy, brucella abortus biovar 4 was isolated from all 14 dogs. mandibular, medial retropharyngeal, tracheobronchial, and mesenteric lymph nodes yielded the highest rate of recovery. urogenital infection with active shedding was seen in a single aged bitch. fecal samples (291 from 13 dogs) were b abortus culture negative. ten dogs monitored serologically over time ...19902107157
characterization of a phosphomonoesterase from brucella abortus.brucellae are facultative intracellular bacterial pathogens that reside primarily in cells of the reticuloendothelial system. the high-speed supernatant obtained after centrifuging a suspension of brucella abortus that had been frozen-thawed and sonicated contained abundant phosphomonoesterase activity, determined by using 4-methylumbelliferylphosphate as the substrate; this enzyme was purified 2,900-fold (yield, 570%) by chromatography on de-52 cellulose and hydroxylapatite columns and high-per ...19902157665
in vitro generated human monoclonal trinitrophenyl-specific b cell lines. evidence that human and murine anti-trinitrophenyl monoclonal antibodies cross-react with escherichia coli beta-galactosidase.stable human antigen-specific monoclonal b cell lines were established without prior in vivo immunization. this was accomplished by expanding the anti-trinitrophenyl (tnp) b cells in vitro with the antigen tnp-brucella abortus and then immortalizing them with epstein-barr virus. five anti-tnp clones were selected by sequential limiting dilution. all five anti-tnp clones secreted igm kappa antibodies. when tested against a panel of self and environmental antigens, all five anti-tnp clones exhibit ...19872826579
[immunoenzyme method in the diagnosis of human brucellosis].the optimum conditions for the determination of specific antibodies in the sera of brucellosis patients by means of enzyme immunoassay (eia) have been selected. the comparative study of the specificity and sensitivity of eia and other serological tests has demonstrated that eia has high diagnostic effectiveness in the diagnosis of acute and chronic brucellosis. the presence of direct correlation between the results of eia and coombs' test is observed, which is indicative of the capacity of eia f ...19863094302
enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay with major outer membrane proteins of brucella melitensis to measure immune response to brucella species.we developed an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) system to measure human immunoglobulin g (igg) and igm response to the major outer membrane proteins of brucella melitensis. the elisa was more sensitive in detecting antibody than a standard microagglutination (ma) test with b. abortus antigen. of 101 sera from persons with suspected brucellosis, 79 (78.2%) gave elisa igm titers greater than or equal to the b. abortus ma titer without 2-mercaptoethanol (2me), which measures both igm and ...19863095364
the identity, distribution and epizootiological significance of brucella isolates in australia, 1981 to 1985.results listing the identification of brucella isolates received by the national brucellosis reference centre, national biological standards laboratory, canberra from 1981 to 1985 are presented. the distribution of brucella species and biotypes is shown on a host and state basis. cultures isolated in australia were identified as brucella abortus biotypes 1, 2 and 4, and strain 19; b. suis biotype 1, and b. ovis. b. melitensis biotype 3 was recovered from man infected in the mediterranean area. b ...19873111457
comparison of serologic screening tests for brucellosis.the slide agglutination test (sat), microagglutination test (mat), and card agglutination test (cat) were compared with each other, using the tube agglutination test (tat) as the standard method, by two reference laboratories to determine effectiveness as screening tests for human brucellosis. tat titers of 1,253 sera tested in both laboratories were compared. in one laboratory, 1,270 sera were tested by the tat and sat, while the other laboratory tested 1,261 sera by both methods. of these sera ...19873117844
macrophage activation in nude mice by human malignant melanocytes. 19883130641
[5 serological tests in the diagnosis of human brucellosis]. 19853938856
the evolution of the immune response. vii. antibody to human "o" cells and properties of the immunoglobulin in lamprey. 19704195499
the hygiene and marketing of fresh cream as assessed by the methylene blue test. a report by a working party to the director of the public health laboratory service.the hygiene and marketing of fresh cream in england and wales was investigated by a working party of the public health laboratory service (phls) between 1 october 1968 and 31 july 1969. thirty-one cream-producing dairies were visited and observations made in the light of the code of practice published by the milk and milk products technical advisory committee of the ministry of agriculture, fisheries and food, and the scottish home and health department. suggestions are made in this report to st ...19714326247
antibody to epstein-barr virus and cellular immunity in hodgkin's disease and chronic lymphatic leukemia. 19734364323
migration inhibition of peripheral leucocytes in human schistosomiasis. 19724624673
human brucellosis in the waikato: some aspects concerning laboratory diagnosis. 19724630061
effect of anti-cord factor antibody on experimental tuberculosis in mice.either active immunization with trehalose-6, 6'-dimycolate (cord factor)-methylated bovine serum albumin complex or passive transfer of rabbit anti-cord factor serum induced in mice an enhanced resistance against infection with virulent human mycobacterium tuberculosis. this suggests that the anti-cord factor antibody exerts an infection-protecting effect by neutralizing the toxic action of cord factor during the course of living virulent infection with tubercle bacilli. the protective effect of ...19734632133
present-day diagnostic measures in human brucellosis. 19724633185
[study of the sensitivity of brucella strains to antibiotics and other drugs by means of human-biotest plates]. 19674963218
in citro migration of peripheral human leucocytes in cellular hypersensitivity. 19684973879
the epidemiology of human brucellosis in haryana with regard to 215 strains of brucella isolated from man and animals. 19684981711
antigen-induced lymphocyte transformation in vitro during primary immunization in man. 1. development and course. 19715000794
brucellacidal activity of human and bovine polymorphonuclear leukocyte granule extracts against smooth and rough strains of brucella abortus.the microbicidal activities of freeze-thaw and high-salt extracts of human and bovine polymorphonuclear leukocyte (pmn) granules were tested against a smooth intermediate strain (45/0) and a rough strain (45/20) of brucella abortus which differ in virulence and survival within pmns. freeze-thaw extracts of human pmn granules were more brucellacidal than high-salt extracts when supplemented with hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) and potassium iodide (ki), whereas the opposite was found with freeze-thaw an ...19846090316
the effect of second signals on the induction of b cell tolerance: failure of helper t cells to block tolerance induction.the effect of carrier-primed helper t (th) cells and t cell-replacing factors on the induction of hapten-specific tolerance in b cells from adult mice has been tested. the 2,4,6-trinitrophenyl conjugate of human gamma-globulin (tnp17hgg) was used as tolerogen in an in vitro tolerance induction system. tolerance was assessed by the subsequent induction of plaque-forming cell responses using tnp-brucella abortus and trinitrophenylated sheep red blood cells (tnp-srbc) plus srbc-primed th cells as t ...19816169534
definition of conditions that enable antigen-specific activation of the majority of isolated trinitrophenol-binding b an effort to further elucidate the early cellular events in generation of antibody responses, we have determined the requirements for antigen-specific initiation of the g0 to g1 transition by isolated trinitrophenol (tnp) -binding b lymphocytes. tnp-binding cells were isolated from normal b6d2f1 splenocyte populations using hapten affinity fractionation on disulfide-bonded tnp-gelatin-coated plates. populations prepared in this way are greater than or equal to 96% immunoglobulin positive and ...19826184434
[vaccination against human brucellosis. 2 years of experience]. 19846436111
[use of a phenol-soluble brucella antigen in man as a test to detect specific skin sensitivity]. 19846436112
[characteristics of 273 strains of brucella abortus of african origin].273 brucella strains from africa have been examined for identification and typing in our laboratory, since 1976. of these, 213 were isolated from senegal, 30 from togo, 12 from morocco, 10 from rwanda, 7 from guinea bissau and 1 from niger. 272 strains were from cattle. most of them (260) were from native animals that showed hygromas. 12 strains from morocco were isolated from aborted calves of the "pie noire" dairy breed. one strain was from a human case of brucellosis in rwanda. all the strain ...19846436118
campylobacter jejuni myocarditis.a case of campylobacter jejuni (c. jejuni) myocarditis in a young man is described. c. jejuni was isolated from the patient's stools and he developed specific antibodies to this organism. tests for other etiological agents (salmonella, shigella, brucella abortus, beta-hemolytic streptococcus group a, treponema pallidum and coxsackievirus b) proved negative.19846488601
thymus-dependent immune functions in chickens bursectomized with colchicine applied to the anal lips.thymus-dependent immune functions were investigated in chickens bursectomized neonatally with colchicine solution given per anum. antibody responses to thymus-dependent antigens sheep red blood cells (srbc) and human gamma-globulin (hgg) were delayed, reaching the normal level after the third antigen stimulation. also the mitogenic responses of peripheral blood lymphocytes were preserved, and no changes in the thymic morphology were found. in contrast, antibody responses to bursa-dependent antig ...19836605887
a passive hemagglutination test for the detection of brucella improved method of coupling a soluble complex, abs, isolated from b, abortus to sheep red blood cells by chromic chloride in the presence of barbital buffer resulted in a highly specific and reliable passive hemagglutination test for the diagnosis of human and animal brucellosis. no false positive results have been found so far in more than 2000 control sera from known brucellosis-free patients or animals. on the other hand, with over 1800 test sera from patients or animals with brucella infe ...19806766977
an epidemiological survey of human brucellosis in three victorian abattoirs.during the period 1977-1978, a serological and epidemiological investigation was conducted by the victorian departments of health and agriculture to determine the risk to abattoir workers of exposure to brucella abortus from infected cattle. nearly 1000 specimens of serum from workers at three abattoirs were tested for brucella antibodies at the microbiological diagnostic unit. serum agglutination and antihuman globulin tests were performed by a microtitre technique. approximately 25% of these s ...19806774222
[brucella titers in swine caused by yersinia enterocolitica, serotype 0:9].antibody to brucella abortus developed in two thirds of all gilts kept on a pig breeding station. systematic tests taken for the purpose of detecting clinical symptoms and of isolating brucella were negative. however, yersinia (y.) enterocolitica, serotype 0:9, was cultured from rectal swab samples which had been obtained from 31 to 78 gilts. the clinical, bacteriological, and serological tests gave rise to the assumption that the brucella titres have been caused by yersinia enterocolitica infec ...19806779771
outbreak of brucellosis at a south-australian abattoir. 2. epidemiological investigations.the outbreak of human brucellosis among employees of a large south australian abattoir described previously coincided with an increase in the number of cattle showing a positive serological reaction for brucella abortus being slaughtered. comparisons showed that two other abattoirs in the area were slaughtering larger numbers of such cattle, but no cases of human brucellosis were diagnosed there. this suggested an additional risk at the abattoir concerned. all infected men had been employed in a ...19817334991
detection of brucella antibodies in eluted dried blood: a validation order to develop a rapid method for the diagnosis of human brucellosis, results of the elisa test performed on dried whole blood spotted on filter paper were compared with those of the same test carried out on the serum of the same 160 subjects. four patterns of elution were tested, combining incubation at 4 degrees c with different exposure times in an ultrasound bath. the best correlation (r = 0.79) for the igg test, was obtained by using a 12-h incubation period plus a 20-min ultrasonic ex ...19957622176
survey of antibodies against various infectious disease agents in racing camels in abu dhabi, united arab emirates.prevalence of antibodies against some important disease agents in sera from racing camels in abu dhabi (united arab emirates) is reported. antibodies against brucella abortus were detected in 1.5% of racing camels, but only 0.76% had titres sufficient for the animals to be considered infected. the complement fixation test revealed antibodies against coxiella burnetii (causative agent of q fever) in 7.9% of camels (with a geometrical mean titre of 13) and against parainfluenza virus type 3 in 5.6 ...19947949353
blocking antibodies specific for human albumin interfere with the hemolytic activity of the membrane attack complex of complement.earlier, we showed that antibodies specific for human serum albumin are able to bind to erythrocyte-associated albumin and inhibit complement mediated hemolysis. in the present study we determine if inhibition is occurring at the membrane attack phase of complement activation or at an earlier step. we show that although cell-bound anti-albumin antibodies do not inhibit binding and activation of c3 or uptake of c9, they do appear to cause cells to become refractory to lysis by the membrane attack ...19948166680
[evaluation of epidemiologic surveillance of human brucellosis-- occupational disease overcome in the midst of animals].national eradication programme of bovine brucellosis in poland has reduced prevalence below 0.5%. the last cow-abortion incidence caused by brucella abortus bovis was recognized in 1982. the registered cases of human brucellosis (610 during 1986-1992) represent chronic occupational infections in man acquired earlier, when bovine brucellosis was common in poland. actually, some of victims show no serological evidence of infection. present small risk of infection permits to stop or to limit (only ...19938171199
brucellosis: imported and laboratory-acquired cases, and an overview of treatment trials.following the successful eradication of brucella abortus infection in cattle, human brucellosis in england and wales has become an uncommon imported disease. culture of the organism presents a major laboratory hazard, and difficulties in identification may occur using a biochemical test-strip method. an overview of recent treatment trials of brucellosis indicates that regimens combining streptomycin and doxycycline are associated with a higher success rate (judged by the frequency of treatment f ...19938337710
single-step pcr for detection of brucella spp. from blood and milk of infected animals.a versatile method for the extraction of brucella dna and pcr are presented as reliable tools for the detection of brucella spp. from body fluids of infected animals. two oligonucleotides homologous to regions of the gene encoding for an outer membrane protein (omp-2) were designed to detect the pathogen from milk and/or blood of infected goats, bovines, and human patients. the sensitivity of our test and its ability to detect the pathogen in samples from the field reveal a promising advance in ...19958586678
[the epidemiological characteristics of brucellosis in the region of the northern caucasus].at present, the northern caucus region is the most unfavourable brucellosis area of the russian federation where 43.5% of the total russian incidence of this infection was recorded in 1993. over the past years (1988-1993) there was a highly unsteady-state improvement of the epidemiological situation, however, the rates of human morbidity with this infection greatly lag behind those in russia. the active foci of small cattle brucellosis as the leading source of human contamination with brucellosi ...19958587517
rapid laboratory confirmation of human brucellosis by pcr analysis of a target sequence on the 31-kilodalton brucella antigen dna.we developed a pcr-based assay for the rapid and specific laboratory diagnosis of human brucellosis directly from whole blood. specimens were collected in edta tubes from 17 patients with acute serologic brucellosis and 3 patients with chronic relapsing brucellosis as determined by serologic tests and the patient's clinical picture. dna was extracted from peripheral mononuclear cells obtained from the blood of patients with brucellosis and control individuals. specific primers for the pcr amplif ...19968789045
serological follow-up of human brucellosis by measuring igg antibodies to lipopolysaccharide and cytoplasmic proteins of brucella species.a serological 2-year follow-up of 35 patients who had brucellosis with different clinical outcomes was performed. patients were followed up by standard tube agglutination (sta) and 2-mercaptoethanol sta (2me-sta) tests and by two enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (elisas) to independently measure values of serum igg to either lipopolysaccharide (lps) or cytoplasmic proteins of brucella. whereas sta and 2me-sta tests revealed characteristic antibody profiles for patients who recovered (group i), ...19968852961
the effect of aging on the immune response: influence of phosphatidylcholine-containing lipid on igd-receptor expression and antibody was reported previously that igd-receptors (igd-r) are expressed on both cd4+ and cd8+ human t cells and cd4+ murine t cells after exposure to oligomeric igd, certain cytokines, or various pharmacological agents, as shown by rosetting with igd-coated erythrocytes. enhancement of antibody production is observed in mice after injection of oligomeric igd and is mediated by these igd-r+ t cells, while injection of monomeric igd inhibits both igd-r upregulation and augmentation of antibody respons ...19979179829
effects of oral or intravenous inoculation with brucella abortus strain rb51 vaccine in determine whether the vaccine brucella abortus strain rb51 (srb51) would infect dogs, be shed in urine or feces, or cause placentitis and abortion.19979256969
rapid diagnosis of human brucellosis by peripheral-blood pcr assay.a single-step pcr assay with genus-specific primers for the amplification of a 223-bp region of the sequence encoding a 31-kda immunogenetic brucella abortus protein (bcsp31) was used for the rapid diagnosis of human brucellosis. we examined peripheral blood from 47 patients, with a total of 50 cases of brucellosis, and a group of 60 control subjects, composed of patients with febrile syndromes of several etiologies other than brucellosis, asymptomatic subjects seropositive for brucella antibodi ...19979350761
strategy for optimizing dna amplification in a peripheral blood pcr assay used for diagnosis of human brucellosis.we studied two of the possible factors which can interfere with specific dna amplification in a peripheral-blood pcr assay used for the diagnosis of human brucellosis. we found that high concentrations of leukocyte dna and heme compounds inhibit pcr. these inhibitors can be efficiently suppressed by increasing the number of washings to four or five and decreasing the amount of total dna to 2 to 4 microg, thereby avoiding false-negative results.19989705371
enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for brucella antigen detection in human sera.a sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) with monoclonal antibody coupled to the solid phase was evaluated for the detection of brucella antigen in serum samples. under optimum conditions, 100 brucella cells/well or 10(5) fg/ml of lipopolysaccharide (lps) were detected in spiked specimens. the standardised assay was performed on 1607 sera from random blood donors, 146 patients with brucellosis, 20 persons in high risk groups and 264 sera from patients with diseases other than brucell ...19989879960
[splenic abscess caused by brucella abortus].a 23 year-old man with prolonged fever caused by brucella abortus is reported. the uncommon feature of this case was the presence of a spleen abscess identified by computer tomography of the abdomen. patient evolution was favorable after treatment with antibiotics, with complete regression of the lesions.19999927826
[history of the eradication of bovine brucellosis in the czech republic].in the czech republic, the program of recovery of the livestock from brucellosis caused by the micro-organisms brucella abortus was successfully completed in 1964. the campaign started in 1959 by the exploration of the complete cattle population by agglutination tests. incidence of the disease was 211 positive cases for each 100 thousands, prevalence was 0.676% (20,481 animal in 654 foci of 34 districts). the prevalence was significantly higher in large cattle units. tens of new cases of the hum ...200010916210
specificity of a polymerase chain reaction assay of a target sequence on the 31-kilodalton brucella antigen dna used to diagnose human brucellosis.the aim of this study was to evaluate the specificity of a polymerase chain reaction assay for detecting brucella dna using primers specific for the amplification of a 223 bp region of the sequence encoding a 31 kda immunogenic brucella abortus protein (bcsp31). dna from all brucella strains, including type, reference, vaccine and field strains, were correctly amplified. with the exception of ochrobactrum spp., no other amplification was detected with a broad panel of microorganisms serologicall ...200111305467
deletion of wboa enhances activation of the lectin pathway of complement in brucella abortus and brucella melitensis.brucella spp. are gram-negative intracellular pathogens that survive and multiply within phagocytic cells of their hosts. smooth organisms present o polysaccharides (ops) on their surface. these ops help the bacteria avoid the bactericidal action of serum. the wboa gene, coding for the enzyme glycosyltransferase, is essential for the synthesis of o chain in brucella. in this study, the sensitivity to serum of smooth, virulent brucella melitensis 16m and b. abortus 2308, rough wboa mutants vtrm1, ...200111401980
serological evidence of brucellosis among predisposed patients with pyrexia of unknown origin in the north eastern nigeria.brucellosis is the zoonosis of world wide distribution and common cause of economic loss and ill health among animals and human populations. patients with pyrexia of unknown origin (puo) who were predisposed to brucellosis through rearing of animals and consumption of different animal products were tested for presence of brucella abortus antibodies using rose bengal and serum agglutination antigens. twenty six (5.2%) of the 500 patients had b. abortus antibody. the high titres of 320, 640 and 12 ...200111505741
poor perinatal outcome associated with maternal brucella abortus infection.reports suggest that perinatal infection with brucella abortus does not cause poor obstetric outcomes, because of protective mechanisms in the human, not seen in animal species.199711770592
recombinant adeno-associated virus serotype 2 vectors mediate stable interleukin 10 secretion from salivary glands into the bloodstream.we have constructed a recombinant adeno-associated virus serotype 2 vector encoding human interleukin 10 (raavhil10). il-10 is a potent antiinflammatory/immune cytokine, which has received growing attention for its therapeutic potential. human il-10 (hil-10) production was virus dose dependent after in vitro infection of hsg cells, a human submandibular gland cell line. the vector-derived hil-10 produced was biologically active, as the medium from raavhil10-infected hsg cells caused a dose-depen ...200211812284
serological diagnosis of human brucellosis: analysis of seven cases with neurological and cardiological manifestations.serum tube agglutination (sta) test was used as routine test to detect antibrucellar antibodies in diagnosis of brucella infection in sera (n = 75) and csf (n = 14) from 78 patients with neurological (n = 60) and cardiological (n = 15) complaints in whom brucellosis was suspected, over a period of two and a half years from january, 1997 to july 1999. seven (neurological-six and cardiac-one) serum samples (9.33%) were positive by sta, while none of the csfs were positive. sta titres ranged from 1 ...200111898461
the animal and plant health inspection service (aphis) brucellosis eradication program in the united states.efforts to eradicate brucellosis caused by brucella abortus in the united states began in 1934 as part of an economic recovery program to reduce the cattle population because of the great depression and concurrent severe drought conditions. a number of states saw this as an opportunity to reduce the level of brucellosis, which was the most significant livestock disease problem in the us at the time. in 1934 and 1935, the reactor rate in adult cattle tested was 11.5%. in 1954, the magnitude of th ...200212414129
brucellosis in venezuela.brucellosis is a public health problem in venezuela and affects large numbers of animals. the most important biovar in the country is brucella abortus. in cattle and buffalo it causes high rates of abortions in females and infertility in males; it is transmissible to occupationally exposed humans. in 1968, an official program was set up for the control and eradication of the disease and it is still in place. amongst the control provisions, this program provides for the vaccination of female calv ...200212414132
epidemiology and control of brucellosis in china.the paper describes the history and evolvement of brucellosis in china. it presents the variation of epidemic situation, epidemiological characteristics, application of vaccines and control in brief. before 1980s, human and animal brucellosis was quite severe; during 1980s, the incidence of human and animal brucellosis was relatively low, and seemed to decrease during the decade. during 1990s, there were no obvious changes in the incidence of animal brucellosis, but the incidence of human brucel ...200212414142
macrophage- and dendritic cell--dependent regulation of human b-cell proliferation requires the tnf family ligand baff.macrophages and dendritic cells play an important role in regulating b-cell responses, including proliferation to antigens such as trinitrophenyl (tnp)-ficoll and tnp-brucella abortus. however, the mechanisms and molecule(s) that regulate these processes are relatively undefined. in this report, we show that human macrophages generated in vitro strongly costimulate proliferation of dense human tonsillar b cells ligated via their b-cell antigen receptor (bcr) but not proliferation via cd40. simil ...200312531790
cellular prion protein promotes brucella infection into macrophages.the products of the brucella abortus virb gene locus, which are highly similar to conjugative dna transfer system, enable the bacterium to replicate within macrophage vacuoles. the replicative phagosome is thought to be established by the interaction of a substrate of the virb complex with macrophages, although the substrate and its host cellular target have not yet been identified. we report here that hsp60, a member of the groel family of chaperonins, of b. abortus is capable of interacting di ...200312847134
enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to differentiate the antibody responses of animals infected with brucella species from those of animals infected with yersinia enterocolitica o9.enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays using antigens extracted from brucella abortus with n-lauroylsarcosine differentiated natural brucella-infected animals from brucella-vaccinated or yersinia enterocolitica o9-infected animals. a field trial in mongolia showed cattle, sheep, goat, reindeer, camel, and human sera without infection could be distinguished from brucella-infected animals by conventional serological tests.200312853409
[seroepidemiological studies of zoonotic infections in hunters in southeastern austria--prevalences, risk factors, and preventive methods].the aim of this study was to investigate the seroprevalences to zoonotic pathogens in hunters, to propose preventive measures and to obtain more information about the occurrence of zoonotic pathogens in local wild animal populations. from 146 male and 3 female hunters originating from the south-eastern austrian federal states of styria and burgenland blood samples were taken and anamnestic data were obtained using a questionnaire. the serological investigations included the following viral, bact ...200312894685
fluorescence polarization assay for diagnosis of human brucellosis.fluorescence polarization immunoassay (fpa) uses molecular rotational properties to measure antibody binding to antigen directly. the potential use of this method was assessed in comparison to a competitive enzyme immunoassay (celisa) and conventional serological tests for the diagnosis of brucellosis on a total of 587 human sera. based on 340 sera from asymptomatic blood donors with no evidence of brucellosis, the specificity of the fpa was 97.9 % using a cut-off value of 72 mp. sera from bruce ...200312972582
the incidence in human sera of agglutinins for brucella abortus, 1948-1953. 195613378367
brucellosis in man, resulting from brucella abortus (strain 19) vaccine. 195713438694
adherence of brucella to human epithelial cells and macrophages is mediated by sialic acid residues.the basis for the interaction of brucella species with the surface of epithelial cells before migration in the host within polymorphonuclear leucocytes is largely unknown. here, we studied the ability of brucella abortus and brucella melitensis to adhere to cultured epithelial (hela and hep-2) cells and thp-1-derived macrophages, and to bind extracellular matrix proteins (ecm). the brucellae adhered to epithelial cells forming localized bacterial microcolonies on the cell surface, and this proce ...200415056214
adverse events in humans associated with accidental exposure to the livestock brucellosis vaccine rb51.brucella abortus strain rb51 vaccine, is an attenuated live bacterial vaccine that was licensed conditionally by the center for veterinary biologics, veterinary services, animal and plant health inspection service, usda, on 23 february 1996, for vaccination of cattle in the united states. accidental human inoculations can occur during vaccination of cattle, and previous live brucella vaccines designed for cattle have been known to cause brucellosis in humans. the centers for disease control and ...200415308369
use of amplified fragment length polymorphism to identify and type brucella isolates of medical and veterinary interest.amplified fragment length polymorphism (aflp) is a whole-genome fingerprinting method that relies on the selective pcr amplification of restriction fragments. the potential of this approach for the discrimination of brucella isolates at the species and intraspecies level was assessed. a number of different combinations of restriction enzymes and selective primers were examined, and one, using ecori and msei with additional selective tc bases on the msei primer, was selected for full assessment a ...200515695677
diagnosis of human brucellosis caused by brucella canis.the transmission of brucella canis to man commonly occurs through contact with infected dogs or their secretions, or through direct laboratory exposure. the disease is underdiagnosed due to a general lack of serological testing facilities and misconceptions concerning its prevalence. this report shows the potential use of an indirect elisa (ielisa) for the diagnosis of human brucellosis caused by b. canis in a population of patients negative by smooth-brucella antigen tests but positive by rapid ...200515824423
non-specific seroreactions against brucella abortus in ruminants in new zealand and the presence of yersinia enterocolitica 0:9.the level of non-specific reactions found in the brucellosis serology of ruminants in new zealand was very low until july 1992. this changed when, in an export consignment of 1071 deer, 35% reacted in the brucella abortus tube agglutination test with titres varying from 50 to 200 iu. the reactors were also positive in the rose-bengal agglutination test and most of them reacted in the complement fixation test with titres varying from 10 to 80 iu. yersinia enterocolitica 0:9 was later isolated fro ...199516031844
serological survey of pre-weaned new zealand fur seals (arctocephalus forsteri) for brucellosis and conduct a longitudinal serological survey for evidence of brucella spp and leptospira spp infection of pre-weaned new zealand fur seals in a colony on the otago peninsula.200516317444
essential role of vaccines in brucellosis control and eradication programs for livestock.brucellosis, in particular infections with brucella abortus, brucella melitensis or brucella suis, remains a significant human health threat in many areas of the world. the persistence of pathogenic brucella spp. in domestic livestock or free-ranging wildlife remains unresolved, despite decades of regulatory efforts worldwide. although vaccination is probably the most economic control measure, administration of currently available vaccines alone is not sufficient for elimination of brucellosis i ...200516372886
total hip arthroplasty infected by brucella: a report of two cases.infection caused by brucella following total joint arthroplasty is very rare. we present 2 cases of brucellar infection following total hip arthroplasty (tha). a 66-year-old woman who had prolonged contact with cattle presented with pain at the thigh and groin areas. the patient had undergone an uncemented tha for a hip fracture 3 years previously. cultures of articular liquid were positive for brucella abortus. the implant was loosened and was managed with a 2-stage re-implantation. a 71-year-o ...200616598098
development and evaluation of real-time polymerase chain reaction assays on whole blood and paraffin-embedded tissues for rapid diagnosis of human brucellosis.this study aimed at developing a real-time polymerase chain reaction (pcr) assay for the rapid diagnosis of human brucellosis on clinical specimens. three assays with hybridization probe detection on the lightcycler instrument were developed and compared targeting the 16s-23s internal transcribed spacer region (its) and the genes encoding for omp25 and omp31. all assays showed 100% analytical sensitivity and 100% specificity when tested on 28 consecutive clinical isolates of brucella sp. and 19 ...200717532591
bacterium abortus infection in man : the results of the agglutination test applied to more than 10,000 human sera. 192818012470
establishment of a method for evaluating intracellular antibiotic efficacy in brucella abortus-infected mono mac 6 monocytes.brucellae produce chronic and often lifelong infections in natural hosts. the persistent nature of these infections is predominantly due to the capacity of these bacteria to maintain intracellular residence in host macrophages. successful antimicrobial therapy requires eradication of brucellae from this intracellular niche. it is important to seek new and improved antimicrobials for brucellosis therapy as well as a method to efficiently evaluate their intracellular efficacy.200818024491
brucella endocarditis in a non-endemic country: first reported case in east asia.human brucellosis is a rare zoonosis in east asia. a case of brucella endocarditis in a 59-year-old farmer who had mild rheumatic mitral stenosis is presented. excision of the mitral valve with associated vegetation was performed and a mechanical valve was substituted. antibiotic treatment with doxycycline, rifampicin, and trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole was continued for 6 months. after 18 months of follow-up, the patient had no symptoms and no signs of relapse.200818296855
brucellosis and sacroiliitis: a common presentation of an uncommon pathogen.musculoskeletal problems are the most common chief complaint in ambulatory medicine across all specialties, and back pain is one of the top 10 problems encountered by the general practitioner. the differential diagnosis of lower back pain is exhaustive, but a history significant for constitutional symptoms or unusual exposures should prompt a work-up for an infectious cause. we describe the case of a 25-year-old man with a brucella abortus sacroiliitis and possible orchiitis after consumption of ...200818343865
the role of innate immune receptors in the control of brucella abortus infection: toll-like receptors and beyond.research into intracellular sensing of microbial products is an up and coming field in innate immunity. toll-like receptors (tlrs) recognize brucella spp. and bacterial components and initiate mononuclear phagocyte responses that influence both innate and adaptive immunity. recent studies have revealed the intracellular signaling cascades involved in the tlr-initiated immune response to brucella infection. tlr2, tlr4 and tlr9 have been implicated in host interactions with brucella; however, tlr9 ...200818664388
brucella abortus activates human neutrophils.human brucellosis is caused by infection with certain species of the genus brucella and is characterized by bacterial persistence and inflammation of many host tissues. neutrophils are one of the predominant cell types present in the infiltrate of these inflamed tissues, and due to their potential effect on the inflammatory response and tissue damage, direct activation of neutrophils by brucella abortus might contribute to the pathology associated with human brucellosis. b. abortus expresses out ...200919376263
brucellosis: the case for live, attenuated vaccines.the successful control of animal brucellosis and associated reduction in human exposure has limited the development of human brucellosis vaccines. however, the potential use of brucella in bioterrorism or biowarfare suggests that direct intervention strategies are warranted. although the dominant approach has explored the use of live attenuated vaccines, side effects associated with their use has prevented widespread use in humans. development of live, attenuated brucella vaccines that are safe ...200919837284
antihepcidin antibody treatment modulates iron metabolism and is effective in a mouse model of inflammation-induced anemia.iron maldistribution has been implicated in multiple diseases, including the anemia of inflammation (ai), atherosclerosis, diabetes, and neurodegenerative disorders. iron metabolism is controlled by hepcidin, a 25-amino acid peptide. hepcidin is induced by inflammation, causes iron to be sequestered, and thus, potentially contributes to ai. human hepcidin (hhepc) overexpression in mice caused an iron-deficient phenotype, including stunted growth, hair loss, and iron-deficient erythropoiesis. it ...201020053755
bovine brucellosis.infection of cattle caused by brucella abortus (ie, bovine brucellosis) has been of political importance in the united states for many decades. the most common clinical manifestation of brucellosis in natural hosts is reproductive loss resulting from abortion, birth of weak offspring, or infertility. brucellosis regulatory programs were primarily developed as the most efficient way to prevent human infections. this article discusses cattle vaccination with b abortus strains 19 and rb51. other re ...201020117540
brucella abortus infection in man. 192920317557
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