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[spontaneous induction of the development of bacteriophage lambda during genetic recombination in escherichia coli k12]. 195413200000
[study of the lysogenization process of e. coli. i. single-cycle development curve of the temperate lambda phage and its virulent mutant lambda v in e. coli k12 s]. 195413236148
interference phenomenon with lambda phage and cellular changes in induced e. coli, k12 (lambda) infected with t2 phage. 195613428420
recombination and phenotypic mixing during phage growth in strains of escherichia coli doubly lysogenic for coliphage lambda. 195813544106
effect of infection with phage lambda on the synthesis of protein, rna and dna in escherichia coli. 196414135546
the formation of superinfection-double lysogens of phage lambda in escherichia coli k-12. 19655318339
absortive lysogenization of bacteriophage lambda b2 and residual immunity of non-lysogenic segregants. 19675340186
mutants of bacteriophage lambda defective in vegetative genetic recombination. 19684938547
[the effect of cystamine and magnesium ions on the induction of moderate lambda phage by x-rays]. 19684869266
[comparative characteristics of oxygen consumption and electrokinetic potential of escherichia coli under the effect of moderate and virulent coliphage. 1. effect of the induction of lambda-phage production on oxygen consumption and electrophoretic motility of e. coli k12 lambda]. 19684873878
studies on radiation-sensitive mutants of e. coli. ii. breakage and repair of ultraviolet irradiated intracellular dna of phage lambda. 19684879098
antigenic differences between wild type and mutants of bacteriophage lambda. 19694887235
the lysozyme of bacteriophage lambda. 3. ordering the cyanogen bromide peptides. 19694889462
protection and host cell repair of irradiated lambda phage. i. irradiation of normal phage with ultraviolet light. 19694897977
recombination in bacteriophage lambda. 3. studies on the nature of the prophage attachment region. 19694904107
two stages in the replication of bacteriophage lambda dna. 19694904393
regulation of bacteriophage lambda development by gene n: properties of a mutation that bypasses n control of late protein synthesis. 19704909409
properties of phage lambda dna-rna polymerase complexes isolated from escherichia coli (lambda). 19704912207
crypticogenicity of bacteriophage lambda. 19704920426
effect of carbohydrates on induction of bacteriophage lambda. 19704920472
unbiased synthesis of pulse-labeled dna framents of bacteriophage lambda and t4. 19704922215
[the irreparability of damage caused by 1m hydroxylamine in lambda phage when submitted to passage in e. coli hcr+ and hcr- cells]. 19704932341
light-induced cross-linking of dna in the presence of a furocoumarin (psoralen). studies with phage lambda, escherichia coli, and mouse leukemia cells. 19704927248
polar mutations in the left arm of bacteriophage lambda studying complementation between frameshift and nonsense mutants located in the structural genes for the head of bacteriophage lambdai434, we found mutations in gene b which are polar on genes c and d and one mutation in gene e which is polar on gene f.19714927522
role of exonuclease and beta protein of phage lambda in genetic recombination. v. recombination of lambda dna in vitro.the sequential action of lambda exonuclease and polynucleotide ligase upon redundant joint molecules is sufficient to produce intact polynucleotide chains and heat-stable, biologically active molecules of lambda dna, whereas the action of ligase alone is insufficient. these results (a) confirm the previously described mechanism of single-strand assimilation, including a subsidiary mechanism by which the further action of lambda exonuclease is arrested when a redundant strand is completely assimi ...19714934524
ultraviolet- and x-ray-induced responses of a deoxyribonucleic acid polymerase-deficient mutant of escherichia coli.escherichia coli k-12, polal(-) is a mutant strain whose extracts are deficient in kornberg deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) polymerase activity. we have compared the mutant and parental strains on the basis of a number of responses to ultraviolet (uv) and x-irradiation. for both types of radiation, the mutant is more sensitive by approximately the same factor as measured by reduction in colony formation, depression of dna synthesis, and enhancement of dna degradation. the rate of repair of x-ray-ind ...19714935330
a phage lambda endonuclease controlled by genes o and p. 19714937245
purification and properties of 3-deoxy-d-arabinoheptulosonic acid-7-phosphate synthetase (phe) from a lambda arog+ transductant of escherichia incorporating arog, the structural gene for 3-deoxy-d-arabinoheptulosonic acid-7-phosphate (dahp) synthetase (phe), into the genome of a heat-inducible susr60 mutant of phage lambda, it has been possible to increase the intracellular levels of dahp synthetase (phe) in a lysogenized strain of escherichia coli some 15-fold over levels found in the wild-type strain. by using this strain, the enzyme has been purified approximately 2,000-fold compared with wild type, and various kinetic parameters ...19714937786
[induction of lambda phage and transduction in bacterial forms with changed synthesis of the cell wall]. 19714938667
bacteriophage p2: interaction with phage lambda and with recombination-deficient bacteria. 19714943192
bacterial mutants in which the gene n function of bacteriophage lambda is blocked have an altered rna polymerase.bacterial mutants have been isolated, called gron, that block phage development by interference with the action of the product of the phage n gene. lambdatrp phages, which depend on the n product for the synthesis of tryptophan enzymes, do not make these enzymes in gron bacteria. two type of phage mutants have been isolated that can overcome the gron block. one type makes an altered n product, the other contains an n-bypass mutation. the gron mutation is closely linked to the rifamycin-resistanc ...19714943550
establishment and maintenance of repression by bacteriophage lambda: the role of the ci, cii, and c3 define the events necessary for the establishment and maintenance of repression in a lambda-infected cell, we have studied the requirements for efficient synthesis of the ci protein ("lambda-repressor"). three classes of lambda mutants defective in the establishment of repression are also defective in the appearance of ci protein activity at the normal time. two of these mutational classes (cii(-) and ciii(-)) probably result from inactivation of lambda-specified proteins, but the third class ...19714943791
control of late messenger rna synthesis during lambda phage development. 19714926028
purification and base composition analysis of phage lambda early promoters.rna-polymerase of escherichia coli was allowed to bind to dna of phage lambda in the absence of precursors. the resulting complex was excised by nuclease digestion and the protected dna was recovered by phenol-extraction and ethanol precipitation. acrylamide gel electrophoresis of protected dna fragments reveals the existence of two distinct oligonucleotide peaks corresponding, respectively, to 45-52 and 7-10 nucleotide residues along with species of intermediate sizes. peak i molecules have two ...19714332016
synthesis of bacteriophage lambda proteins in vitro. 19724343946
lambda phage transcription in human fibroblasts. 19724551993
on some genetic aspects of phage lambda resistance in e. coli k12.most mutations rendering e. coli k12 resistant to phage lambda, map in two genetic regions mala and malb.-the malb region contains a gene lamb specifically involved in the lambda receptor synthesis. twenty-one independent lamb mutations studied by complementation belonged to a single cistron. this makes it very likely that lamb is monocistronic. among the lamb mutants some are still sensitive to a host range mutant of phage lambda. mutations mapping in a proximal gene essential for maltose metab ...19724558324
interaction of the recombination pathways of bacteriophage lambda and host escherichia coli: effects on lambda recombination. 19724563260
methylation pattern of lambda deoxyribonucleic acid.deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) extracted from phage lambda grown on escherichia coli k-12 strain w4032 had 113 +/- 10 5-methylcytosine residues and 215 +/- 20 6-methyl adenine residues per genome, as determined by three independent methods. these methylated nucleotides were distributed equally among the two strands of lambda dna. shearing of double-stranded dna to half-length fragments revealed a slight deficiency of 5-methyl cytosine in the 55% guanine plus cytosine half. shearing the dna to fragm ...19724564587
properties of a mutant of escherichia coli defective in bacteriophage lambda head formation (groe). i. initial characterization. 19734578098
a new effect of the rex gene of phage lambda: premature lysis after infection by phage t1. 19734583305
prophage lambda at unusual chromosomal locations. ii. mutations induced by bacteriophage lambda in escherichia coli k12. 19734587404
genetic analysis of bacteriophage lambda strains which transduce the genes for leucine biosynthesis. 19734591366
control of gene expression in bacteriophage lambda. 19734593306
isolation of the bacteriophage lambda receptor from escherichia coli.a factor which inactivates the phage lambda can be extracted from escherichia coli. this factor is a protein and is located in the outer membrane of the bacterial envelope. it is found in extracts of strains which are sensitive to phage lambda, but not in extracts of strains specifically resistant to this phage. we conclude that this factor is the lambda receptor, responsible for the specific adsorption of the phage lambda to e. coli cells. a partial purification of the lambda receptor is descri ...19734201774
repair mechanisms involved in the recovery of phage lambda from ultraviolet damage. 19734618990
[effect of mutations in genes n and p on the ability of uv-irradiated phage lambda to induce synthesis of colicin e1 in escherichia coli]. 19744830043
an escherichia coli mutant which inhibits the injection of phage lambda dna. 19744132241
preparation of plasmid lambda dv from bacteriophage lambda: role of promoter-operator in the plasmid replicon.a technique has been described for selection of bacteria carrying plasmid lambdadv. with this technique, the effects of mutations in the promoter-operators were compared on the production and perpetuation of the plasmid. it was found that "left" promoter-operator that controls leftward gene expressions can be deleted from the plasmid genome. some mutations of "right" promoter-operator (pror) that controls expression of genes tof, o, and p affect the stability of the plasmid. however, the plasmid ...19744595898
bacteriophage lambda derivatives carrying two copies of the cohesive end site. 19744598361
n protein causes the lambda dv plasmid to inhibit heteroimmune phage lambda imm434 growth and stimulates lambda dv replication. 19744608877
interaction of escherichia coli o55 hybrids with bacteriophage lambda. a new type of host specificity between escherichia coli o55 and urinary escherichia coli. 19744609858
new method for large-scale preparation of covalently closed lambda dna molecules.a combination of mutations in bacteriophage lambda and its host escherichia coli k-12 provides a convenient system for the isolation of large quantities of covalently closed circular dna molecules. we describe two procedures for the large scale preparation of lambda dna in the duplex circular form.19744610176
specific hydrolysis of the cohesive ends of bacteriophage lambda-deoxyribonucleic acid by micrococcus luteus ultraviolet exonuclease. 19744612037
inactivation of transfecting dna by physical and chemical agents: influence of genotypes of phage lambda and host cells. 19744612352
characterization of bacteriophage lambda reverse as an escherichia coli phage carrying a unique set of host-derived recombination functions. 19744616090
bacteriophage lambda fii gene protein: role in head assembly. 19744616093
radiochemical purification of bacteriophage lambda integrase. 19744589454
morphogenesis of the tail of bacteriophage lambda. ii. in vitro formation and properties of phage particles with extra long tails. 19751089336
proteolytic cleavage of bacteriophage lambda repressor in induction.the bacteriophage lambda repressor, a protein that maintains the lysogenic state of a bacterium containing a lambda prophage, is cleaved when the lysogen is induced by mitomycin c or ultraviolet light. this cleavage does not occur when induction is prevented by mutational alteration either of the phage repressor or of the host reca gene product. proteolytic cleavage may be the primary mechanism of repressor inactivation in this induction pathway, or it may follow a different event which causes t ...19751090931
mutations simultaneously affecting endonuclease ii and exonuclease iii in escherichia coli.we studied mutants of e. coli originally identified as being deficient in either endonuclease ii (deoxyribonucleate oligonucleotidohydrolase, ec or exonuclease iii [deoxyribonucleate (double-stranded) 5'-nucleotidohydrolase, ec] activity. twelve independently derived mutants were tested, including three new endonuclease ii mutants. deficiency of one enzyme was always accompanied by deficiency of the other. furthermore, temperature-sensitivity of one activity was always accompa ...19751091930
electron microscope heteroduplex studies of sequence relations among bacterial plasmids: identification and mapping of the insertion sequences is1 and is2 in f and r plasmids.heteroduplex experiments between the plasmid r6 and one strand of the deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) of a lambda phage carrying the insertion sequence is1 show that is1 occurs on r6 at the two previously mapped junctions of resistance transfer factor (rtf) dna with r-determinant dna. from previous heteroduplex experiments, it then follows that is1 occurs at the same junctions in r6-5, r100-1, and r1 plasmids. heteroduplex experiments with the dna from a lambda phage carrying the insertion sequence ...19751092668
the biological activity of bacteriophage dna, prepared by the cationic detergent dilution technique.the preparation of phage lambda dna infecting e. coli k 12 with cationic detergent is described. this dna infects e. coli spheroblasts with the same efficiency as dna prepared by phenol methods.19751093138
mismatch repair in heteroduplex dna.dna with base pair mismatches was prepared by annealing mixtures of genetically marked dna from bacteriophage lambda. this heteroduplex dna was used to transfect bacteria under conditions minimizing recombination. genetic analysis of the progeny phages indicates that: (i) mismatch repair occurs, usually giving rise to a dna molecule with one chain with the genotype arising from repair and one parental chain. (ii) the frequency of repair of a given mismatch to wild type depends on the marker, ran ...19751094458
constitutive integrative recombination by bacteriophage lambda. 19751094679
synthesis and degradation of early mrna in lambda phage.using two different escherichia coli mutants defective in elongation factors efg and efts required for peptide synthesis, lambda phage with or without a tof mutation was analysed for synthesis of early mrna by dna-rna hybridization technique. (1) in cp78g carrying temperature-sensitive elongation factor g, shift-up to high temperature (41 degrees c) in the middle of phage infection did not affect early mrna synthesis with lambdatof+ phage but did inhibit it with lambdatof- phage. (2) in hak88 ca ...19751101966
processing of bacteriophage lambda dna during its assembly into heads. 19751102699
studies on the cleavage of bacteriophage lambda dna with ecori restriction endonuclease. 19751102702
visualization of a novel junction in bacteriophage lambda early times after infection of a reca derivative of escherichia coli with lambdab221c126red270a42 phage, a low but significant proportion of intracellular lambda molecules show a novel junction. these junctions are also present, although in reduced numbers, in a lysate obtained at late times after infection of a reca+ host with lambdaciiciii phage. fine structure and denaturation mapping analyses showed that these junctions occur at homologous positions and that they are compatible with the o ...19751103134
bacteriophage lambda induction causes increased production of e. coli lysine transfer rna. 19751103738
phage lambda receptor chromosomes for dna fragments made with restriction endonuclease iii of haemophilus influenzae and restriction endonuclease i of escherichia coli. 19751104875
induction of error-prone repair as a consequence of dna ligase deficiency in escherichia coli.dna ligase deficiency is shown to induce generalized mutator activity in e. coli. this mutator activity is unaffected by 3 mug/ml of chloramphenicol but is abolished both in lig-reca double mutants and by incubation with 20 mug/ml of chloramphenicol. dna ligase deficiency is also shown to reactivate ultraviolet light-irradiated phage lambda and t7 and to increase both spontaneous and ultraviolet light-induced mutagenesis in phage lambda, all of which are abolished in lig-reca strains. interactio ...19751105587
reversible interaction between coliphage lambda and its receptor protein. 19751107562
genetic consequences of transfection with heterduplex bacteriophage lambda dna.the role of rectification of heteroduplex heterozygotes in the formation of recombinant genotypes involving closely linked markers has been examined. heteroduplex molecules of bacteriophage lambda dna, heterozygous at several alleles, have been constructed and the genetic composition of phage present in infective centers derived by transfection with such molecules has been determined. allele loss and concomitant recombinant formation is frequent, and appears to reflect marker specificity as well ...19751107809
specific hydrolysis of the cohesive ends of bacteriophage lambda dna by three single strand-specific nucleases.procedures have been worked out for aspergillus nuclease s1 and mung been nuclease to quantitatively cleave off both of the 12-nucleotide long, single-stranded cohesive ends of lambdadna. this cleavage is indicated by the almost complete elimination of the repair incorporation of radioactive nucleotides by dna polymerase into the digested dna. with s1 nuclease, cleavage was complete at 10 degrees as well as at 30 degrees. under the conditions for quantitative cleavage of the single-stranded regi ...19751141222
[competence in escherichia coli cells. iii. formation of competent states in escherichia coli x7026 and escherichia coli hfr h cells during storage in different conditions].the competence formation in 2 strains of escherichia coli x7026 and hfr h to isolated phage gamma dna after the prolonged treatment of cells with ca++ ions at low temperatures was investigated. in both strains studied the sensitivity of cells to phage lambda dna increased during several days of maintenance at 4 degrees c in 0.2 m cacl2, and reached the maximal value in 24-48 hours for e. coli hfr h cells, and in 72-96 hours for e. coli x7026 cells. cells maintained in cacl2 for 24 hours and more ...1975767199
isolation and properties of escherichia coli mutants which are nonpermissive for the growth of phage selecting survivors of lambda phage infection, mutants of escherichia coli k12 that block reproduction cycle of the phage have been isolated. fourteen of these phage-tolerant mutants (lam mutants) were chosen and characterized biochemically and genetically. it was shown that these mutants were tolerant to infection by all the lambdoid phages, except for few cases, but they were susceptible to infection by a non-lambdoid temperate phage (phi299), p1 or t phages. the mutants can be divided into ...1975772257
transposition of r factor genes to bacteriophage lambda.transpositions of segments of r factor (antibiotic resistance plasmids) to bacteriophage lambda have been selected and characterized. cells of escherichia coli harboring r factors that determine kanamycin resistance were infected with phage lambda, and lambdakan transducing lines were obtained. each of the three examined is unusual when compared to lambda transducing phages containing e. coli chromosomal genes: the kan insertions (a) occur at several sites, each well removed from the integration ...19751059152
location in bacteriophage lamdba dna of cleavage sites of the site-specific endonuclease from bacillus amyloliquefaciens h.the sites in escherichia coli bacteriophage lambda dna cleaved by the site-specific endonuclease isolated from bacillus amyloliquefaciens h (bami) are found to be at 0.114, 0.466, 0.580, 0.713, and 0.861 lambda units. the sites were located by analysis of the products of digestion of lambda dna and lambda-ara transducing phage dna, and verified by double digestion with bami and ecori.19761083914
morphogenesis of bacteriophage lambda: electron microscopy of thin sections. 1976781268
transposition and fusion of the lac genes to selected promoters in escherichia coli using bacteriophage lambda and mu. 1976781293
lethal lysogenization by coliphage lambda. 1976782020
role of the bacterial and phage recombination systems and of dna replication in genetic recombination of uv-irradiated phage this paper are studied in e. coli k12 the influence of the bacterial rec and phage mu red recombination systems on the rescue of the o plus gene from the prophage by a superinfecting o minus phage, uv irradiated or not. in the absence of uv irradiation the red system produces more recombinants than does the rec system, and its action requires dna replication. the presence of uv lesions in the mu dna facilitates the action of the rec system, which is more efficient in this instance than the re ...1976785209
specialized transduction of colicin e1 dna in escherichia coli k-12.genetic studies were made on e. coli k-12 tm96, which carries recombinant molecules constructed by in vitro combination of colicin e1 dna and a dna fragment of e. coli for guanine synthesis derived from transducing phage. the recombinant molecules existed as stable plasmids within the cell and contained genes for colicin e1 immunity and the guaa enzyme (xanthosine 5'-monophosphate aminase) together with a part of the lambda genome, r through j: (r-a-f-j)+. a block of the lambda genome, int throu ...1976787989
maturation of a single lambda phage particle from a dimeric circular lambda dna. 1976790755
a transducing bacteriophage lambda carrying the structural gene for elongation factor ts.a specialized transducing bacteriophage lambdadpolcdap d-9 has been isolated that carries the structural gene for ef-ts1 (tsf). the presence of ef-ts among the proteins synthesized under the direction of this phage in uvl-inactivated cells has been detected by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and has been verified by antibody precipitation. in an induced lysogen of this phage the relative rate of synthesis of ef-ts is increased 4-fold. evidence is presented which suggest that the structural g ...1976792684
induction of sigma factor synthesis in escherichia coli by the n gene product of bacteriophage lambda.thermoinduction of cells of e. coli carrying prophage lambdaci857 within the bfe gene brings about not only "escape synthesis" of core subunits of the dna-dependent rna polymerase (rna nucleotidyltransferase, nucleosidetriphosphate:rna nucleotidyltransferase, ec 2-7-7-6), but also a striking stimulation of sigma factor synthesis. the latter phenomenon, termed sigma induction, is generally observed after lambda phage infection or prophage induction. a series of experiments with various bacterial ...1976794877
the yield of radiation-induced dna single-strand breaks in escherichia coli and superinfecting phage lambda at different dose rates. repair of strand breaks in different buffers. 1976794917
suppressible mutations in the cro gene of bacteriophage lambda. 1976795138
physicochomecial studies on interactions between dna and rna polymerase. isolation and mapping of a t7 dna fragment containing the early promoters for escherichia coli rna polymerase.the cleavage sites in the early promoter region of coliphage t7 have been mapped for four restriction enzymes. they are, from the left end in base pairs, 1100 and 740 for hinf; 680, 320, 530, 240, 77, and 67 for hind ii; 620 and 530 for hpa ii; 790 for alu i. the nucleotide sequence between the hind ii site at 680 base pairs from the left end and the hinf site at 740 base pairs from the left end has been determined, from which the start point of the promoter a3 is located at 720 base pairs from ...1976795461
[new mutations in the early stage of phage lambda]. 1976798250
[substrate of a uv-induced repair system providing for w-reactivation of lambda phage].escherichia coli uvra, pola and uvrd cells carrying non-uv-inducible prophage lambdac1857ind- were infected with 3h-thymidine labelled homoimmune phage lambdac1857, and the effect of uv-irradiation of super-infecting phage and lysogenic bacterial cells on the content of intracellular covalently-closed lambda dna circles (cccdna) and pyrimidine dimer content in lambda dna are studied. uv-irradiation of host cells results in two-fold increase of relative content of cccdna of uv-irradiated phage la ...19761001892
differential sensitivity to antibiotics of trp mrna synthesis originating at the trp promoter and the lambda promoter.transcription of the escherichia coli trp operon translocated into the early region of bacteriophage lambda can occur under the control of either of two promoters, the trp promoter on the lambda promoter (ol of n gene). (imamato, f. and tani, s. (1972) nat. new biol. 240, 172-175 and ihara s. and imamoto, f. (1976) biochim. biophys. acta 432, 199-211). trp mrna synthesis originating at the trp promoter stopped when translation was blocked by chloramphenicol tetracycline erythromycin or puromycin ...19761268253
multiple steps during the interaction between coliphage lambda and its receptor protein in vitro. 1976180667
dna replication--bacteriophage lambda. 1977340149
the thirteenth colworth medal lecture: the construction in vitro and exploitation of transducing derivatives of bacteriophage lambda. 1977340298
repressor and int synthesis of bacteriophage lambda in the e. coli host mutant er437.analysis of lambda phage infection of the host mutant er437 by sds polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and autoradiography has revealed altered expression of repressor and integration function (int). we show that in this host int as well as repressor synthesis is not dependent upon the lambdaciii gene product in the usual manner, nor is their synthesis turned off in the normal way.1977340886
insertion sequence is2 associated with int-constitutive mutants of bacteriophage lambda.we have examined mutations in bacteriophage lambda called int-c, which confer elevated constitutive expression on the int gene for prophage integration. one class of mutations, which map between the b538 and bio386 endpoints, does not appear to be associated with any major chromosomal modification, whereas the second class has the is2 insertion sequence in orientation ii within the region between gene int and the b538 endpoint, all int-c mutations are within gene xis, with the possible exception ...1977344135
genetic inversion in the formation of an hfr strain from a temperature-sensitive f' gal hfr strain (pb15) that carries a duplicated copy of the galactose operon genes flanking the integrated sex factor is unusually stable since it does not show excision of the repeated deoxyribonucleic acid segment. the right-hand galactose operon is in the normal orientation. deletion mutations that eliminate the right-hand galactose genes, the sex factor, and some of the left-hand operon have been isolated. mutants believed to have their left-hand galactose operon inverted were able to be indu ...1977318642
isolation and characterization of lambda pleu the escherichia coli lysogen hfrh73 described by shimada et al. (1973), none of the enzymes coded for by the leucine operon is synthesized due to an insertion of phage lambda into cistron leua. the orientation of lambda in the chromosome is ara leudcb lambda jan leua. after heat induction of the lysogen, plaque-forming transducing phages of two types are formed at low frequency. one type (e.g., lambda pleu9) transduces leud, leuc, and leub strains to prototrophy. the other type (e.g., lambda ...1977320178
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