bos taurus

Scientific Name
  • bos taurus
Alternative Names cattle, cow, bovine, bos tauurus, bos bovis, bos primigenius taurus, domestic cattle, domestic cow, holstein, bullocks, bostaurus, bovid, heifers, bovidae sp. adi nefas, taurus bos, b. taurus, b.taurus, dairy cow, beef cow, pet cow, crossbred cow, crossbreed cow, domesticated cow, dairy cattle, crossbred bovine, beef cattle, friesian cattle, milk cow, abigar cattle, abondance cattle, adamawa cattle, agerolese cattle, ala tau cattle, albanian cattle, albanian dwarf cattle, alberes cattle, alderney cattle, alentejana cattle, allmogekor cattle, american angus cattle, american beef friesian cattle, american brown swiss cattle, american white park cattle, amerifax cattle, amsterdam island cattle, anatolian black cattle, angeln cattle, angus cattle, aosta cattle, argentine crillo cattle, argentine criollo cattle, argentine friesian cattle, armorican cattle, arouquesa cattle, asturian mountain cattle, asturian valley cattle, aubrac cattle, aulie-ata cattle, aulie-atta cattle, aure et saint-girons cattle, australian shorthorn cattle, austrian simmental cattle, austrian yellow cattle, avile�a cattle, avilena-black iberian cattle, ayrshire cattle, bakosi cattle, balancer cattle, baoule cattle, barros� cattle, bazadais cattle, beef freisian cattle, beefalo cattle, belgian blue cattle, belgian red cattle, belgian red pied cattle, belgian white-and-red cattle, belted galloway cattle, berrenda cattle, betizu cattle, bianca val padana cattle, blaarkop cattle, black angus cattle, black baldy cattle, black hereford (breed) cattle, black pied dairy cattle, blanca cacere�a cattle, blanco orejinegro bon cattle, blonde d'aquitaine cattle, blue albion cattle, blue grey cattle, braunvieh cattle, british white cattle, british friesian cattle, brown swiss cattle, bue lingo cattle, burlina cattle, bu�a cattle, cachena cattle, caldelana cattle, camargue cattle, campbell island cattle, canadian speckle park cattle, canadienne cattle, canaria cattle, caracu cattle, c�rdena andaluza cattle, carinthian blondvieh cattle, carora cattle, charolais cattle, chateaubriand cattle, chiangus cattle, chianina cattle, chinese black pied cattle, coloursided white back cattle, commercial cattle, corriente cattle, crioulo lageano cattle, danish black-pied cattle, danish jersey cattle, danish red cattle, deep red cattle, devon cattle, dexter cattle, doayo cattle, d�lafe cattle, dulong' cattle, dutch belted cattle, dutch friesian cattle, east anatolian red cattle, eastern finncattle cattle, english longhorn cattle, ennstal mountain pied cattle, estonian holstein cattle, estonian native cattle, estonian red cattle, �vol�ne cattle, finnish ayrshire cattle, finnish cattle, finnish holstein-friesian cattle, fj�ll cattle, fleckvieh cattle, florida cracker cattle, french simmental cattle, fribourg black and white cattle, friesian red and white cattle, galician blond cattle, galloway cattle, garvonesa cattle, gascon cattle, gelbvieh cattle, georgian mountain cattle, german angus cattle, german black pied cattle, german red pied cattle, glan cattle, gloucester cattle, greek shorthorn cattle, greek steppe cattle, groningen cattle, groningen white-headed cattle, guernsey cattle, hart�n del valle cattle, harz red mountain cattle, hays converter cattle, heck cattle, hereford cattle, herens cattle, highland cattle, hinterwald cattle, holando-argentino cattle, red holstein cattle, hungarian grey cattle, iberian cattle, icelandic cattle, illawarra cattle, improved red and white cattle, irish moiled cattle, israeli holstein cattle, istoben cattle, jarmelista cattle, jersey cattle, jutland cattle, kalmyk cattle, kazakh whiteheaded cattle, kerry cattle, kholomogory cattle, kostroma cattle, kuri cattle, kurgan cattle, latvian blue cattle, latvian brown cattle, levantina cattle, limiana cattle, limousin cattle, limpurger cattle, lincoln red cattle, lineback cattle, lithuanian black-and-white cattle, lithuanian light grey cattle, lithuanian red cattle, lithuanian white-backed cattle, lourdais cattle, australian lowline cattle, luing cattle, maine anjou cattle, mantequera leonesa cattle, marchigiana cattle, maremmana cattle, marinhoa cattle, maronesa cattle, mashona cattle, menorquina cattle, mertolenga cattle, meuse-rhine-issel cattle, milking devon cattle, milking shorthorn cattle, minhota cattle, mirandesa cattle, monchina cattle, mongolian cattle, montbeliard cattle, morucha cattle, murboden cattle, murnau-werdenfels cattle, murray grey cattle, n'dama cattle, negra andaluza cattle, normande cattle, northern finncattle cattle, northern shorthorn cattle, norwegian red cattle, pajuna cattle, palmera cattle, parda alpina cattle, parthenais cattle, pasiega cattle, pembroke cattle, philippine native cattle, pie rouge des plaines cattle, piedmontese cattle, pineywoods cattle, pinzgauer cattle, pirenaica cattle, polish black-and-white cattle, polish red cattle, polled hereford cattle, polled shorthorn cattle, preta cattle, pustertal pied cattle, qinchaun cattle, queensland miniature boran cattle, ramo grande cattle, randall cattle, r�tische grauvieh cattle, red angus cattle, red poll cattle, red polled �stland cattle, reina cattle, retinta cattle, riggit galloway cattle, ringam�la cattle, romagnola cattle, romanian b?l?ata cattle, romanian steppe gray cattle, romosinuano cattle, russian black pied cattle, rx3 cattle, sahiwal cattle, salers cattle, salorn cattle, sanhe cattle, sayaguesa cattle, shetland cattle, shorthorn cattle, simford cattle, simmental cattle, south devon cattle, spanish fighting bull cattle, speckle park cattle, square meater cattle, sussex cattle, swedish friesian cattle, swedish mountain cattle, swedish red cattle, swedish red poll cattle, swedish red-and-white cattle, tarentaise cattle, tasmanian grey cattle, telemark cattle, texas longhorn cattle, texon cattle, tswana cattle, tudanca cattle, tuli cattle, turkish grey steppe cattle, tux cattle, tyrolese grey cattle, vaca toposa or vaquilla cattle, vaynol cattle, vestland fjord cattle, vorderwald cattle, vosges cattle, wagy? cattle, welsh black cattle, western finncattle cattle, western fjord cattle, western red polled cattle, white c�ceres cattle, white park cattle, whitebred shorthorn cattle, xingjiang brown cattle, yanbian cattle, baladi cattle, baltana romaneasca cattle, b�arnais cattle, belarus red cattle, belmont adaptaur cattle, berrendas cattle, blacksided trondheim and norland cattle, blanco orejinegro cattle, bordelais cattle, busa cattle, canary island cattle, caucasian cattle, chinampo cattle, chinese black-and-white cattle, damascus cattle, damietta cattle, evol�ne cattle, fighting bull cattle, fjall cattle, florida cracker/pineywoods cattle, groningen whiteheaded cattle, hart�n cattle, jaulan cattle, karan fries cattle, kazakh cattle, kholmogory cattle, kilis cattle, kurdi cattle, mandalong cattle, meuse-rhine-yssel cattle, modicana cattle, montb�liard cattle, muturu cattle, nanyang cattle, oropa cattle, ovambo cattle, qinchuan cattle, r�tien gray cattle, red pied friesian cattle, red steppe cattle, reggiana cattle, san martinero cattle, sarabi cattle, slovenian cika cattle, swedish red polled cattle, ukrainian beef cattle, ukrainian grey cattle, ukrainian whitehead cattle, ural black pied cattle, vestland red polled cattle, wagyu cattle, xinjiang brown cattle, abigar cow, abondance cow, adamawa cow, agerolese cow, ala tau cow, albanian cow, albanian dwarf cow, alberes cow, alderney cow, alentejana cow, allmogekor cow, american angus cow, american beef friesian cow, american brown swiss cow, american white park cow, amerifax cow, amsterdam island cow, anatolian black cow, angeln cow, angus cow, aosta cow, argentine crillo cow, argentine criollo cow, argentine friesian cow, armorican cow, arouquesa cow, asturian mountain cow, asturian valley cow, aubrac cow, aulie-ata cow, aulie-atta cow, aure et saint-girons cow, australian shorthorn cow, austrian simmental cow, austrian yellow cow, avile�a cow, avilena-black iberian cow, ayrshire cow, bakosi cow, balancer cow, baoule cow, barros� cow, bazadais cow, beef freisian cow, beefalo cow, belgian blue cow, belgian red cow, belgian red pied cow, belgian white-and-red cow, belted galloway cow, berrenda cow, betizu cow, bianca val padana cow, blaarkop cow, black angus cow, black baldy cow, black hereford (breed) cow, black pied dairy cow, blanca cacere�a cow, blanco orejinegro bon cow, blonde d'aquitaine cow, blue albion cow, blue grey cow, braunvieh cow, british white cow, british friesian cow, brown swiss cow, bue lingo cow, burlina cow, bu�a cow, cachena cow, caldelana cow, camargue cow, campbell island cow, canadian speckle park cow, canadienne cow, canaria cow, caracu cow, c�rdena andaluza cow, carinthian blondvieh cow, carora cow, charolais cow, chateaubriand cow, chiangus cow, chianina cow, chinese black pied cow, coloursided white back cow, commercial cow, corriente cow, crioulo lageano cow, danish black-pied cow, danish jersey cow, danish red cow, deep red cow, devon cow, dexter cow, doayo cow, d�lafe cow, dulong' cow, dutch belted cow, dutch friesian cow, east anatolian red cow, eastern finncattle cow, english longhorn cow, ennstal mountain pied cow, estonian holstein cow, estonian native cow, estonian red cow, �vol�ne cow, finnish ayrshire cow, finnish cow, finnish holstein-friesian cow, fj�ll cow, fleckvieh cow, florida cracker cow, french simmental cow, fribourg black and white cow, friesian red and white cow, galician blond cow, galloway cow, garvonesa cow, gascon cow, gelbvieh cow, georgian mountain cow, german angus cow, german black pied cow, german red pied cow, glan cow, gloucester cow, greek shorthorn cow, greek steppe cow, groningen cow, groningen white-headed cow, guernsey cow, hart�n del valle cow, harz red mountain cow, hays converter cow, heck cow, hereford cow, herens cow, highland cow, hinterwald cow, holando-argentino cow, red holstein cow, hungarian grey cow, iberian cow, icelandic cow, illawarra cow, improved red and white cow, irish moiled cow, israeli holstein cow, istoben cow, jarmelista cow, jersey cow, jutland cow, kalmyk cow, kazakh whiteheaded cow, kerry cow, kholomogory cow, kostroma cow, kuri cow, kurgan cow, latvian blue cow, latvian brown cow, levantina cow, limiana cow, limousin cow, limpurger cow, lincoln red cow, lineback cow, lithuanian black-and-white cow, lithuanian light grey cow, lithuanian red cow, lithuanian white-backed cow, lourdais cow, australian lowline cow, luing cow, maine anjou cow, mantequera leonesa cow, marchigiana cow, maremmana cow, marinhoa cow, maronesa cow, mashona cow, menorquina cow, mertolenga cow, meuse-rhine-issel cow, milking devon cow, milking shorthorn cow, minhota cow, mirandesa cow, monchina cow, mongolian cow, montbeliard cow, morucha cow, murboden cow, murnau-werdenfels cow, murray grey cow, n'dama cow, negra andaluza cow, normande cow, northern finncattle cow, northern shorthorn cow, norwegian red cow, pajuna cow, palmera cow, parda alpina cow, parthenais cow, pasiega cow, pembroke cow, philippine native cow, pie rouge des plaines cow, piedmontese cow, pineywoods cow, pinzgauer cow, pirenaica cow, polish black-and-white cow, polish red cow, polled hereford cow, polled shorthorn cow, preta cow, pustertal pied cow, qinchaun cow, queensland miniature boran cow, ramo grande cow, randall cow, r�tische grauvieh cow, red angus cow, red poll cow, red polled �stland cow, reina cow, retinta cow, riggit galloway cow, ringam�la cow, romagnola cow, romanian b?l?ata cow, romanian steppe gray cow, romosinuano cow, russian black pied cow, rx3 cow, sahiwal cow, salers cow, salorn cow, sanhe cow, sayaguesa cow, shetland cow, shorthorn cow, simford cow, simmental cow, south devon cow, spanish fighting bull cow, speckle park cow, square meater cow, sussex cow, swedish friesian cow, swedish mountain cow, swedish red cow, swedish red poll cow, swedish red-and-white cow, tarentaise cow, tasmanian grey cow, telemark cow, texas longhorn cow, texon cow, tswana cow, tudanca cow, tuli cow, turkish grey steppe cow, tux cow, tyrolese grey cow, vaca toposa or vaquilla cow, vaynol cow, vestland fjord cow, vorderwald cow, vosges cow, wagy? cow, welsh black cow, western finncattle cow, western fjord cow, western red polled cow, white c�ceres cow, white park cow, whitebred shorthorn cow, xingjiang brown cow, yanbian cow, baladi cow, baltana romaneasca cow, b�arnais cow, belarus red cow, belmont adaptaur cow, berrendas cow, blacksided trondheim and norland cow, blanco orejinegro cow, bordelais cow, busa cow, canary island cow, caucasian cow, chinampo cow, chinese black-and-white cow, damascus cow, damietta cow, evol�ne cow, fighting bull cow, fjall cow, florida cracker/pineywoods cow, groningen whiteheaded cow, hart�n cow, jaulan cow, karan fries cow, kazakh cow, kholmogory cow, kilis cow, kurdi cow, mandalong cow, meuse-rhine-yssel cow, modicana cow, montb�liard cow, muturu cow, nanyang cow, oropa cow, ovambo cow, qinchuan cow, r�tien gray cow, red pied friesian cow, red steppe cow, reggiana cow, san martinero cow, sarabi cow, slovenian cika cow, swedish red polled cow, ukrainian beef cow, ukrainian grey cow, ukrainian whitehead cow, ural black pied cow, vestland red polled cow, wagyu cow, xinjiang brown cow
Parent bos
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NCBI TaxId 9913
NCBI Rank species
NCBI Division mammals
Categories 2
Recursive Carriers 6
Recursive Cargos 4223
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Recursive Countries 183
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