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Diseases included in EID2 Database. You can browse to specific Disease via the tree view or the grid below. The grid allows you to filter (click funnel), sort (click on column name) or page (click on page numbers below).

late congenital syphilitic osteochondropathyA50.56
late congenital syphilitic arthropathyA50.55
late congenital cardiovascular syphilisA50.54
hutchinson's triadA50.53
hutchinson's teethA50.52
clutton's jointsA50.51
other late congenital neurosyphilisA50.49
juvenile general paresisA50.45
late congenital syphilitic optic nerve atrophyA50.44
late congenital syphilitic polyneuropathyA50.43
late congenital syphilitic encephalitisA50.42
late congenital syphilitic meningitisA50.41
late congenital neurosyphilis, unspecifiedA50.40
other late congenital syphilitic oculopathyA50.39
late congenital syphilitic chorioretinitisA50.32
late congenital syphilitic interstitial keratitisA50.31
congenital syphilis unspecifiedA50.30
early congenital syphilis, unspecifiedA50.2
early congenital syphilis, latentA50.1
other early congenital syphilis, symptomaticA50.09
early visceral congenital syphilisA50.08
early mucocutaneous congenital syphilisA50.07
early cutaneous congenital syphilisA50.06
early congenital syphilitic rhinitisA50.05
early congenital syphilitic pneumoniaA50.04
early congenital syphilitic pharyngitisA50.03
early congenital syphilitic osteochondropathyA50.02
early congenital syphilitic oculopathyA50.01
infections with a predominantly sexual mode of transmissionA50 -A64
congenital syphilisA50
bacterial infection, unspecifiedA49.9
other bacterial infections of unspecified siteA49.8
mycoplasma infection, unspecified siteA49.3
hemophilus influenzae infection, unspecified siteA49.2
streptococcal infection, unspecified siteA49.1
methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus infection, unspecified siteA49.02
methicillin susceptible staphylococcus aureus infection, unspecified siteA49.01
bacterial infection of unspecified siteA49
other specified bacterial diseasesA48.8
wound botulismA48.52
infant botulismA48.51
brazilian purpuric feverA48.4
toxic shock syndromeA48.3
nonpneumonic legionnaires' disease [pontiac fever]A48.2
legionnaires' diseaseA48.1
gas gangreneA48.0
other bacterial diseases, not elsewhere classifiedA48
bartonellosis, unspecifiedA44.9
other forms of bartonellosisA44.8
cutaneous and mucocutaneous bartonellosisA44.1
systemic bartonellosisA44.0
nocardiosis, unspecifiedA43.9
other forms of nocardiosisA43.8
cutaneous nocardiosisA43.1
pulmonary nocardiosisA43.0
actinomycosis, unspecifiedA42.9
other forms of actinomycosisA42.89
actinomycotic encephalitisA42.82
actinomycotic meningitisA42.81
actinomycotic sepsisA42.7
cervicofacial actinomycosisA42.2
abdominal actinomycosisA42.1
pulmonary actinomycosisA42.0
sepsis, unspecified organismA41.9
other specified sepsisA41.89
sepsis due to enterococcusA41.81
other gram-negative sepsisA41.59
sepsis due to serratiaA41.53
sepsis due to pseudomonasA41.52
sepsis due to escherichia coli [e coli]A41.51
gram-negative sepsis, unspecifiedA41.50
sepsis due to anaerobesA41.4
sepsis due to hemophilus influenzaeA41.3
sepsis due to unspecified staphylococcusA41.2
sepsis due to other specified staphylococcusA41.1
sepsis due to methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureusA41.02
sepsis due to methicillin susceptible staphylococcus aureusA41.01
other sepsisA41
streptococcal sepsis, unspecifiedA40.9
other streptococcal sepsisA40.8
sepsis due to streptococcus pneumoniaeA40.3
sepsis due to streptococcus, group bA40.1
sepsis due to streptococcus, group aA40.0
streptococcal sepsisA40
meningococcal infection, unspecifiedA39.9
other meningococcal infectionsA39.89
postmeningococcal arthritisA39.84
meningococcal arthritisA39.83
meningococcal retrobulbar neuritisA39.82
meningococcal encephalitisA39.81
meningococcal pericarditisA39.53
meningococcal myocarditisA39.52
meningococcal endocarditisA39.51
meningococcal carditis, unspecifiedA39.50
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