an outbreak of sarcocystis calchasi encephalitis in multiple psittacine species within an enclosed zoological aviary.a total of 5 psittacine birds in an enclosed zoological exhibit, including 2 princess parrots and 3 cockatoos of 2 different species, developed severe central nervous system clinical signs over a 2-3-month period and died or were euthanized. histologically, all birds had a lymphoplasmacytic and histiocytic encephalitis with intralesional protozoa consistent with a sarcocystis species in addition to intramuscular tissue sarcocysts. by immunohistochemical staining, merozoites in brain and tissue c ...201324081928
sarcocystis calchasi is distinct to sarcocystis columbae sp. nov. from the wood pigeon (columba palumbus) and sarcocystis sp. from the sparrowhawk (accipiter nisus).sarcocystis calchasi has been identified as causative agent of a newly discovered central nervous disease in domestic pigeons (columba livia f. domestica) observed for the first time in germany in 2006. initial studies have indicated that this parasite is highly pathogenic for domestic pigeons after ingestion of low doses of sporocysts shed by the northern goshawk (accipiter gentilis). here we tested whether phylogenetically related birds might regularly harbor sarcocystis species. five wood pig ...201020381254
accipiter hawks (accipitridae) confirmed as definitive hosts of sarcocystis turdusi, sarcocystis cornixi and sarcocystis sp. ex phalacrocorax carbo.sarcocystis is a large genus of protozoan parasites with complex heteroxenous life cycles. for many species, either the intermediate or the definitive host is still unknown. in this study, 116 accipiter hawks (eurasian sparrowhawks and northern goshawks) were investigated for the presence of sarcocystis spp. in their intestinal tract or their faeces. to gain a wide distribution, samples were collected throughout germany within 2 years. it was possible to detect sarcocystis-like oocysts in 65 sam ...201627083188
isolation, molecular characterization, and in vitro schizogonic development of sarcocystis sp. ex accipiter cooperii from a naturally infected cooper's hawk (accipiter cooperii).raptors serve as the definitive host for several sarcocystis species. the complete life cycles of only a few of these sarcocystis species that use birds of prey as definitive hosts have been described. in the present study, sarcocystis species sporocysts were obtained from the intestine of a cooper's hawk (accipiter cooperii) and were used to infect cell cultures of african green monkey kidney cells to isolate a continuous culture and describe asexual stages of the parasite. two clones of the pa ...201728033565
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