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morphology, development and probable systematic position of cercariaeum crassum wesenberg-lund, 1934 (digenea), a parasite of pisidium amnicum in eastern finland.cercariaeum crassum wesenberg-lund, 1934 is redescribed at the cercariaeum stage and the daughter-rediae and cercaria are also described on the basis of new material from pisidium amnicum collected in the liikasepuro river (eastern finland). the species is allocated to the family allocreadiidae, although its generic affiliation remains unknown. the probable life-cycle (based on the developmental stages observed in daughter-redia) appears to eliminate the cercarial stage and, instead, a cercariae ...200717912620
clarification of the systematic position of cercariaeum crassum wesenberg-lund, 1934 (digenea), based on karyological analysis and dna sequences.chromosome set and rdna sequences of the larval digenean cercariaeum crassum were analysed in order to clarify its systematic position and possible adult form. parasites were obtained from the sphaeriid bivalve pisidium amnicum, collected in lithuanian and finnish rivers. the karyotype is shown to consist of five pairs (2n = 10) of large, up to 14 µm, chromosomes. complement, composed of a low diploid number of exclusively bi-armed elements, presumably arose through robertsonian fusions of acroc ...201121791154
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