molecular characterization of plasmid pmoma1of moraxella macacae, a newly described bacterial pathogen of macaques.we report the complete nucleotide sequence and characterization of a small cryptic plasmid of moraxella macacae 0408225, a newly described bacterial species within the family moraxellaceae and a causative agent of epistaxis in macaques. the complete nucleotide sequence of the plasmid pmoma1 was determined and found to be 5,375 bp in size with a gc content of 37.4 %. computer analysis of the sequence data revealed five open reading frames encoding putative proteins of 54.4 kda (orf1), 17.6 kda (o ...201525398380
genome sequence of moraxella macacae 0408225, a novel bacterial species isolated from a cynomolgus macaque with epistaxis.moraxella macacae is a recently described bacterial species that has been associated with at least two outbreaks of epistaxis in macaques. here we present the first genome sequence of this novel species, isolated from a symptomatic cynomolgus macaque at the u.s. army medical research institute of infectious diseases.201323409273
development of real-time pcr assays for the detection of moraxella macacae associated with bloody nose syndrome in rhesus (macaca mulatta) and cynomolgus (macaca fascicularis) macaques.moraxella macacae is a recently described bacterial pathogen that causes epistaxis or so-called bloody nose syndrome in captive macaques. the aim of this study was to develop specific molecular diagnostic assays for m. macacae and to determine their performance characteristics.201526365904
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