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histochemical observations on the neuroendocrine complex of heteroptera, ii--the endocrine glands.a histochemical analysis of the retrocerebral endocrine glands of four heteropteran bugs, viz. sphderodema rusticum fabr., ranatra filiformis fabr., enithares indica fabr. and spilostethus pandurus has been made. histochemical tests for various types of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, etc. have been made. the reaction of different types of cells of the endocrine glands viz. chromophil, chromophobe and ca cells have been studied.197772717
neurosecretion in the milkweed bug, lygaeus pandurus scop. (heteroptera: lygaeidae).neurosecretory cells in the brain, ventral ganglia, and retrocerebral endocrine glands aortal complex of a milkweed bug, lygaeus pandurus scop. have been described using a variety of techniques in whole mounts and sections. two main types of neurosecretory cells viz. a and b types, have been distinguished on the basis of histochemical and staining properties. the a-type of cells have been further divided into 4-sub types viz. a-1, a-2, a-3 and a-4 on the basis of staining properties and cell siz ...19807400578
[variations induced by juvenile hormone and precocene ii in the metabolic rate of 3 species of insects].the effects of juvenile hormone and precocoene ii on the metabolic rate of blattela germanica l. (blattaria, blattellidae), spilostethus pandurus scop. (heteroptera: lygaeidae) and oncopeltus fasciatus dallas (heteroptera: lygaeidae) 5th instar nymphs and adults have been investigated. direct volumetric method was used to determine the oxygen consumption rate. jh produced a stage and/or sex dependent increase in the metabolic rate according to the species considered. on the other hand, pii decre ...19911871415
[effects of juvenile hormone on vitellogenesis in spilostethus pandurus (hemiptera: heteroptera)].the effects of juvenile hormone (jh) on the control of vitellogenin appearance in the haemolymph of spilostethus pandurus newly emerged females have been studied as well as their intake by developing oocytes. sds-page electrophoresis has been used as an analytical method for protein studies. jh induced early detection of vitellogenins in the haemolymph of treated insects and their accelerated incorporation by undeveloped ovaries. the results suggest that jh plays an essential role as a gonadotro ...19938378589
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