mapping resistance to southern rust in a tropical by temperate maize recombinant inbred topcross population.southern rust, caused by puccinia polysora underw, is a foliar disease that can severely reduce grain yield in maize (zea mays l.). major resistance genes exist, but their effectiveness can be limited in areas where p. polysora is multi-racial. general resistance could be achieved by combining quantitative and race-specific resistances. this would be desirable if the resistance alleles maintained resistance across environments while not increasing plant maturity. recombinant inbred (ri) lines we ...200717177063
molecular tagging and genetic mapping of the disease resistance gene rppq to southern corn rust.southern corn rust (scr), puccinia polysora underw, is a destructive disease in maize ( zea mays l.). inbred line qi319 is highly resistant to scr. results from the inoculation test and genetic analysis of scr in five f(2) populations and five bc(1)f(1 )populations derived from resistant parent qi319 clearly indicate that the resistance to scr in qi319 is controlled by a single dominant resistant gene, which was named rppq. simple sequence repeat (ssr) analysis was carried out in an f(2) populat ...200414624338
[studies of genetic analysis and ssr linked marker location of gene resistance to southern rust in inbred line p25 of maize].using p25 (immune inbred line), f349 (susceptible inbred line) and the derived population f1, f2, b1 and b2 as materials, we investigated the heredity the of disease resistance gene to maize southern rust (puccinia polysora underw.) through the major-gene and polygene inheritance model. the results indicate that a major resistance gene exists in the inbred line p25 and expresses with additive effect. we didn't find any multi-genes. the inheritabilities of this major resistant gene among f2, b1 a ...200314682237
occurrence of puccinia polysora underw. in east africa. 195313054613
characterization and fine mapping of rppq, a resistance gene to southern corn rust in maize.southern corn rust (scr) is a fungal disease caused by puccinia polysora underw, which can infect maize and may result in substantial yield losses in maize production. the maize inbred line qi319 carries the scr resistance gene rppq. in order to identify molecular markers linked to the rppq gene, several techniques were utilized including random amplified polymorphic dna (rapd), simple sequence repeat (ssr), and amplified fragment length polymorphism (aflp). in addition, sequence characterized a ...200717940801
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