signal design and perception in hypocnemis antbirds: evidence for convergent evolution via social selection.natural selection is known to produce convergent phenotypes through mimicry or ecological adaptation. it has also been proposed that social selection--i.e., selection exerted by social competition--may drive convergent evolution in signals mediating interspecific communication, yet this idea remains controversial. here, we use color spectrophotometry, acoustic analyses, and playback experiments to assess the hypothesis of adaptive signal convergence in two competing nonsister taxa, hypocnemis pe ...200919659594
signal jamming mediates sexual conflict in a duetting bird.signal evolution in social animals has produced a wide variety of communal displays, many of them remarkable feats of complex coordination. the two main explanations for this temporal precision are: (1) it evolves as a cooperative signal of coalition quality or (2) it minimizes signal jamming (i.e., interference of one signal by another). however, support for the first hypothesis is inconclusive, and the role of jamming in communal signaling strategies remains unknown. here, we use playback expe ...200919285404
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