absence of detectable salmonella cloacal shedding in free-living reptiles on admission to the wildlife center of virginia.salmonellosis is an important reptile-associated zoonotic infection in the united states. cloacal swabs were collected from reptiles admitted to the wildlife center of virginia, waynesboro, virginia, cultured for salmonella using hektoen and xylose lysine deoxycholate agars, and inoculated in selenite broth. all three were incubated at 37 degrees c for 18-24 hr. seventy-five animals were included in the study, representing eight species, 34 eastern box turtles (terrapene carolina carolina), 14 e ...200415732603
[osteolysis of the hip joint in an eastern river cooter (pseudemys concinna concinna)].lameness in freshwater turtles is rarely seen and is mostly caused by bite injuries, other traumata or inflammatory processes. a 17 year old female eastern river cooter which was pretreated for disseminated shell necrosis a few months ago was presented due to acute lameness of the right hind limb. diagnostic imaging revealed complete lysis of the hip joint and was classified as necrotizing osteomyelitis by histopathology. septicemic spreading of pathogens and thus a link to the previous shell ne ...201526591390
first report of a new alphaherpesvirus in a freshwater turtle (pseudemys concinna concinna) kept in germany.herpesviruses represent important pathogenic agents in zoological chelonian collections. infections in tortoises are actually most commonly associated with necrotizing lesions in the upper digestive tract. herpesvirus infections in sea turtles are most commonly associated with fibropapillomatosis, although other disease complexes caused by other herpesviruses have been described. herpesviruses are known to cause latent infections and may be reactivated upon various endogenous or exogenous stimul ...201424667062
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