hierarchical movement decisions in predators: effects of foraging experience at more than one spatial and temporal scale.animal movements in heterogeneous environments play a crucial role in a variety of ecological processes. although a hierarchical structure to the scale of movements has been observed in many animal species, few studies to date have revealed what causes such multi-spatial scale movements within the framework of optimal theories. using detailed information on movement paths and prey captures by intermediate egrets in rice fields, this study explored the effects of individual experience at multi-te ...200920120820
arthritis in an egret (egretta intermedia) caused by salmonella typhimurium and its potential risk to poultry health.a dead intermediate egret (egretta intermedia) was found on the shore of a stream in south korea in january 2013. salmonella typhimurium was isolated from purulent exudates in the foot joints, demonstrating bacterial arthritis. the isolate was similar to a poultry isolate determined by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis.201525647592
the complete mitochondrial genomes of sixteen ardeid birds revealing the evolutionary process of the gene rearrangements.the animal mitochondrial genome is generally considered to be under selection for both compactness and gene order conservation. as more mitochondrial genomes are sequenced, mitochondrial duplications and gene rearrangements have been frequently identified among diverse animal groups. although several mechanisms of gene rearrangement have been proposed thus far, more observational evidence from major taxa is needed to validate specific mechanisms. in the current study, the complete mitochondrial ...201425001581
effect of the environmental quality and food chain on trace element concentrations in heron and egret chicks at pyeongtaek colony, korea.trace element concentrations in the diet can affect the levels in birds. heron and egret chicks have been recommended as useful biological indicators for monitoring trace element contamination in the aquatic ecosystem. iron, zinc, manganese, copper, lead and cadmium concentrations were measured in the livers and stomach contents of grey heron (ardea cinerea), intermediate egret (egretta intermedia), little egret (egretta garzetta) and black-crowned night heron (nycticorax nycticorax) chicks from ...201425103117
heavy metal and selenium concentrations in feathers of egrets from bali and sulawesi, indonesia.herons and egrets are ideal organisms to use asindicators of heavy metal exposure in an ecosystem because different speciesfeed at different levels of the food chain and live in both coastal andinland habitats. this paper reports on the concentration of heavy metals andselenium in the feathers of cattle egrets bubulcus ibis that wereexamined from nesting and roosting sites in bali and sulawesi, indonesia, andin feathers of little egrets egretta garzetta and intermediate egretse. intermedia from ...19979069200
primary viraemia responses of herons to experimental infection with murray valley encephalitis, kunjin and japanese encephalitis viruses.rufous night herons, pacific herons, little egrets and intermediate egrets were experimentally infected with murray valley encephalitis, kunjin or japanese encephalitis viruses. viraemias of at least one day's duration were detected in all birds except two intermediate egrets inoculated with a very low dose of kunjin virus and one rufous night heron inoculated with japanese encephalitis virus. there was usually a viraemia of 3 to 5 days' duration commencing on the first or second day and continu ...19836326724
tissue distribution of heavy metals in heron and egret chicks from pyeongtaek, korea.iron, zinc, manganese, lead and cadmium were measured in the liver, kidney and bone of grey heron (ardea cinerea), intermediate egret (egretta intermedia), little egret (egretta garzetta) and black-crowned night herons (nycticorax nycticorax) from korea. iron, zinc, manganese, lead and cadmium concentrations had species- and tissue- specific accumulation. lead concentrations in all tissues of black-crowned night heron and cadmium in kidneys of intermediate egret chicks were relatively higher tha ...201525504523
dna barcoding and phylogenetic relationships of ardeidae (aves: ciconiiformes).the avian family ardeidae comprises long-legged freshwater and coastal birds. there has been considerable disagreement concerning the intrafamilial relationships of ardeidae. mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit i (coi) was used as a marker for the identification and phylogenetic analysis of avian species. in the present study, we analyzed the coi barcodes of 32 species from 17 genera belonging to the family ardeidae. each bird species possessed a barcode distinct from that of other bird s ...201627706576
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