detection of ehrlichia spp., anaplasma spp., rickettsia spp., and other eubacteria in ticks from the thai-myanmar border and vietnam.a total of 650 ticks, including 13 species from five genera, were collected from animals, from people, or by flagging of the vegetation at sites on the thai-myanmar border and in vietnam. they were tested by pcr to detect dna of bacteria of the order rickettsiales: three anaplasma spp. were detected in ticks collected in thailand, including (i) anaplasma sp. strain anda465, which was considered a genotype of anaplasma platys (formerly ehrlichia platys) and which was obtained from dermacentor aur ...200312682151
tick-borne rickettsioses around the world: emerging diseases challenging old concepts.during most of the 20th century, the epidemiology of tick-borne rickettsioses could be summarized as the occurrence of a single pathogenic rickettsia on each continent. an element of this paradigm suggested that the many other characterized and noncharacterized rickettsiae isolated from ticks were not pathogenic to humans. in this context, it was considered that relatively few tick-borne rickettsiae caused human disease. this concept was modified extensively from 1984 through 2005 by the identif ...200516223955
update on tick-borne rickettsioses around the world: a geographic approach.tick-borne rickettsioses are caused by obligate intracellular bacteria belonging to the spotted fever group of the genus rickettsia. these zoonoses are among the oldest known vector-borne diseases. however, in the past 25 years, the scope and importance of the recognized tick-associated rickettsial pathogens have increased dramatically, making this complex of diseases an ideal paradigm for the understanding of emerging and reemerging infections. several species of tick-borne rickettsiae that wer ...024092850
morphological and genetic diversity of rhipicephalus sanguineus sensu lato from the new and old worlds.the taxonomic status of the brown dog tick (rhipicephalus sanguineus sensu stricto), which has long been regarded as the most widespread tick worldwide and a vector of many pathogens to dogs and humans, is currently under dispute.201323880226
tick infestation of borana cattle in the borana province of ethiopia.a study was conducted to identify and determine burdens of ticks infesting borana cattle in the borana province of ethiopia. rhipicephalus pulchellus, rhipicephalus pravus, rhipicephalus muhsamae, rhipicephalus praetextatus, rhipicephalus evertsi evertsi, amblyomma gemma, amblyomma variegatum, amblyomma cohaerens, amblyomma lepidum, hyalomma truncatum, hyalomma marginatum rufipes and boophilus decoloratus were identified on the cattle. their burdens ranged from 658-1,554 with a mean of 1,205 tic ...200111403429
matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time of flight mass spectrometry for comprehensive indexing of east african ixodid tick species.the tick population of africa includes several important genera belonging to the family ixodidae. many of these ticks are vectors of protozoan and rickettsial pathogens including theileria parva that causes east coast fever, a debilitating cattle disease endemic to eastern, central and southern africa. effective surveillance of tick-borne pathogens depends on accurate identification and mapping of their tick vectors. a simple and reproducible technique for rapid and reliable differentiation of l ...201626979606
ixodid ticks of traditionally managed cattle in central nigeria: where rhipicephalus (boophilus) microplus does not dare (yet?).ticks and tick-borne diseases (tbds) undermine cattle fitness and productivity in the whole of sub-saharan africa, including nigeria. the aim of this study was to document the composition of tick species, assessing the burden of infestation, in traditionally managed cattle in an area of central nigeria where acaricides have not been used historically.201323758913
occurrence of tick-transmitted pathogens in dogs in jos, plateau state, nigeria.canine babesiosis caused by babesia rossi, transmitted by haemaphysalis elliptica in south africa, has also been reported from nigeria. although h. leachi (sensu lato) is widespread in sub-saharan africa, published literature on the occurrence of canine babesiosis is meagre. it has been postulated that the genotype of babesia rossi erythrocyte membrane antigen 1 (brema1) may be linked to virulence of the specific isolate. the primary objective of this study was to detect and characterise tick-bo ...201424661795
extensive diversity of rickettsiales bacteria in two species of ticks from china and the evolution of the rickettsiales.bacteria of the order rickettsiales (alphaproteobacteria) are obligate intracellular parasites that infect species from virtually every major eukaryotic lineage. several rickettsial genera harbor species that are significant emerging and re-emerging pathogens of humans. as species of rickettsiales are associated with an extremely diverse host range, a better understanding of the historical associations between these bacteria and their hosts will provide important information on their evolutionar ...201425073875
quantitative real-time pcr detection of zika virus and evaluation with field-caught mosquitoes.zika virus (zikv), a mosquito borne flavivirus is a pathogen affecting humans in asia and africa. zikv infection diagnosis relies on serology-which is challenging due to cross-reactions with other flaviviruses and/or absence or low titer of igm and igg antibodies at early phase of infection- virus isolation, which is labor intensive, time consuming and requires appropriate containment. therefore, real-time rt-pcr (rrt-pcr) is an appealing option as a rapid, sensitive and specific method for dete ...201324148652
first record of the camel tick rhipicephalus muhsamae in kenya on a one-humped camel (camelus dromedarius). 200415368758
spotted fever group rickettsiae in ticks collected from wild animals in israel.we report molecular evidence for the presence of spotted fever group rickettsiae (sfgr) in ticks collected from roe deer, addax, red foxes, and wild boars in israel. rickettsia aeschlimannii was detected in hyalomma marginatum and hyalomma detritum while rickettsia massiliae was present in rhipicephalus turanicus ticks. furthermore, a novel uncultured sfgr was detected in haemaphysalis adleri and haemaphysalis parva ticks from golden jackals. the pathogenicity of the novel sfgr for humans is unk ...201122049050
distribution and population dynamics of ticks (acari: ixodidae) infesting sheep in sennar state, sudan.a cross-sectional survey of ticks infesting sheep was conducted in sennar state, sudan. a total body collection of ticks was carried out at five localities sennar town, singa, dinder, abu naama and um banein on two types of desert sheep (watish and ashgar) on two farms at each locality at two monthly intervals for one year starting july 2002 to may 2003. four tick genera and eight species were identified. they were amblyomma lepidum, hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum, hyalomma truncatum, rhipicepha ...200718453239
monthly dynamics of ticks (acari:ixodida) infesting n'dama cattle in the republic of guinea.the occurrence of ixodid ticks on n'dama cattle was studied in the republic of guinea between june 1994 and may 1995. monthly tick collections were performed on 80 animals from 14 villages located in dabola, kouroussa and dinguiraye prefectures. a total of 19,804 ticks was collected and classified using standard taxonomic keys. the following tick species were identified: amblyomma variegatum, hyalomma marginatum rufipes, hyalomma trunctum, hyalomma nitidum, rhipicephalus lunulatus, rhipicephalus ...200415139086
comparative analyses of mitochondrial and nuclear genetic markers for the molecular identification of rhipicephalus spp.the genus rhipicephalus (acari: ixodidae) comprises a large number of vectors of pathogens of substantial medical and veterinary concern; however, species identification based solely on morphological features is often challenging. in the present study, genetic distance within selected rhipicephalus species (i.e., rhipicephalus bursa, rhipicephalus guilhoni, rhipicephalus muhsamae, rhipicephalus sanguineus sensu lato and rhipicephalus turanicus), were investigated based on molecular and phylogene ...201324103336
the presence of rhipicephalus muhsamae north of the sahara.the occurrence of male and female rhipicephalus muhsamae feeding on dogs and a horse in upper egypt is described. the morphological identification was verified using partial 16s rrna gene sequences. by applying respective real-time pcrs, no evidence neither for coxiella burnetii nor for spotted-fever rickettsia infections were found in the ticks.201728483409
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