microbial diversity and dynamics during the production of may bryndza cheese.diversity and dynamics of microbial cultures were studied during the production of may bryndza cheese, a traditional slovak cheese produced from unpasteurized ewes' milk. quantitative culture-based data were obtained for lactobacilli, lactococci, total mesophilic aerobic counts, coliforms, e. coli, staphylococci, coagulase-positive staphylococci, yeasts, fungi and geotrichum spp. in ewes' milk, curd produced from it and ripened for 0 - 10 days, and in bryndza cheese produced from the curd, in th ...201424291178
corynebacterium maris sp. nov., a marine bacterium isolated from the mucus of the coral fungia granulosa.a bacterial strain, designated coryn-1(t), was isolated from mucus of the coral fungia granulosa (northern red sea, gulf of eilat, israel) by growth and enrichment of micro-organisms in agar spheres and subsequent plating. the bacterium was found to be a gram-positive, non-motile, halotolerant, heterotrophic coccobacillus. comparative 16s rrna gene sequence analyses showed that strain coryn-1(t) belonged to the genus corynebacterium, exhibiting the highest levels of similarity (94 %) with the 16 ...200919622641
genome sequence of the marine bacterium corynebacterium maris type strain coryn-1(t) (= dsm 45190(t)).corynebacterium maris coryn-1(t) ben-dov et al. 2009 is a member of the genus corynebacterium which contains gram-positive, non-spore forming bacteria with a high g+c content. c. maris was isolated from the mucus of the scleractinian coral fungia granulosa and belongs to the aerobic and non-haemolytic corynebacteria. it displays tolerance to salts (up to 10%) and is related to the soil bacterium corynebacterium halotolerans. as this is a type strain in a subgroup of corynebacterium without compl ...201324501635
corynebacterium guangdongense sp. nov., isolated from a contaminated plate.a novel gram-reaction-positive, non-motile and facultatively anaerobic bacterium, designated strain s01t, was isolated from a nutrient agar plate kept on a laboratory clean bench at guangdong institute of microbiology, pr china, which was contaminated from an unknown source. strain s01t was found to be catalase-positive and oxidase-negative. similarity searches revealed that the strain shared the highest 16s rrna gene similarity with corynebacterium humireducens mfc-5t (95.9‚ÄČ%). however, phyloge ...201627216930
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