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factors influencing the oxygen consumption of the hellgrammite, corydalus cornutus (l.) (megaloptera: corydalidae). 1976236146
is prey predation risk influenced more by increasing predator density or predator species richness in stream enclosures?the direct lethal impacts and the indirect effects predators have on prey characteristics, such as behavior, have fitness consequences for the prey. whether the level of predation risk that prey face in the presence of multiple predator species can be predicted from a null model that sums the risk from each predator species in isolation is unclear. in field enclosures, we tested whether the predation risk experienced by stenonema mayfly larvae from a dragonfly larva ( boyeria vinosa) and a hellg ...200414727174
gynomorphic mandible morphology in the dobsonfly, corydalus cornutus.two aberrant males of corydalus cornutus (l.) (insecta: megaloptera), which exhibit unusually short mandibles with discrete dentition, are recorded from a locality in missouri. morphological details of the specimens, as well as implications for the overall morphological variation of the genus and species are discussed. the term gynomorphic is suggested as the best descriptor of this case, given that little explanatory information is available to classify these specimens as true gynandromorphs.200720302546
insect mitochondrial genomics 3: the complete mitochondrial genome sequences of representatives from two neuropteroid orders: a dobsonfly (order megaloptera) and a giant lacewing and an owlfly (order neuroptera).we describe the complete mitochondrial genomes from representatives of two orders of the neuropterida: a dobsonfly, corydalus cornutus (megaloptera: corydalidae, genbank accession no. fj171323), a giant lacewing polystoechotes punctatus (neuroptera: polystoechotidae, fj171325), and an owlfly, ascaloptynx appendiculatus (neuroptera: ascalaphidae, fj171324). the dobsonfly sequence is 15,687 base pairs with a major noncoding (a+t rich) region of approximately 967 bp. the gene content and organizati ...200919132069
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