aeromonas aquatica sp. nov., aeromonas finlandiensis sp. nov. and aeromonas lacus sp. nov. isolated from finnish waters associated with cyanobacterial blooms.three groups of aeromonas strains isolated from finland lakes experiencing cyanobacterial blooms could not be assigned to any known species of this genus on the basis of 16s rrna and rpod gene sequences. the multilocus phylogenetic analysis (mlpa) of the concatenated sequence of seven genes (gyrb, rpod, reca, dnaj, gyra, dnax and atpd; 4093bp) showed that the three groups of strains did not cluster with any known aeromonas spp. and formed three independent lineages. this was confirmed by perform ...201525852023
draft genome sequences of two novel aeromonas species recovered in association with cyanobacterial blooms.aeromonas aquatica and aeromonas lacus are two new species that have been found in association with cyanobacterial blooms from recreational finnish lakes where adverse human health effects have been recorded. here, we present the draft genome sequences of their type strains.201425414500
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