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ecological patterns in the glucosinolate content of a native mustard,cardamine cordifolia, in the rocky mountains.insect use of native crucifers may be related to patterns in mustard oil content. consequently, in 1979 we measured glucosinolate content of rocky mountain bittercress,cardamine cordifolia (cruciferae), using paper and gas chromatography, in relation to: plant organ, phenology, elevation, habitat, leaf position and weight, and plant consumption by two adapted insect herbivores. results for each are as follows. (1) the predominant constituent in all vegetative organs was 2-butylglucosinolate; con ...198324407408
herbivory by leaf miners in response to experimental shading of a native crucifer.we tested the hypothesis that light intensity was the direct, proximal mechanism causing significantly higher vulnerability of bittercress (cardamine cordifolia a. gray) clones in the sun to herbivory by a leaf-mining fly (scaptomyza nigrita wheeler). clones in the sun were experimentally shaded. plant performance and losses to leaf miners were compared to controls in the sun and natural willow shade. leaf-mining damage was significantly higher on artificially-shaded plants (p<0.01), opposite of ...198828312431
influence of plant phenology on the insect herbivore/bittercress interaction.we tested the hypothesis that generally higher levels of herbivory on bittercress in sun vs in shade, especially by leaf miners, were related to the earlier phenological development of plants in the sun. naturally-occurring plants in the sun were taller and had longer leaves than did those in the shade during the first three weeks of the growing season, which corresponded with the timing of adult fly oviposition. we divided individual bittercress plants from the sun into three parts: one part wa ...198928312820
diversity and abundance of phyllosphere bacteria are linked to insect herbivory.simultaneous or sequential attack by herbivores and microbes is common in plants. many seed plants exhibit a defence trade-off against chewing herbivorous insects and leaf-colonizing ('phyllosphere') bacteria, which arises from cross-talk between the phytohormones jasmonic acid (ja, induced by many herbivores) and salicylic acid (sa, induced by many bacteria). this cross-talk may promote reciprocal susceptibility in plants between phyllosphere bacteria and insect herbivores. in a population of n ...201424383417
aversion and attraction to harmful plant secondary compounds jointly shape the foraging ecology of a specialist herbivore.most herbivorous insect species are restricted to a narrow taxonomic range of host plant species. herbivore species that feed on mustard plants and their relatives in the brassicales have evolved highly efficient detoxification mechanisms that actually prevent toxic mustard oils from forming in the bodies of the animals. however, these mechanisms likely were not present during the initial stages of specialization on mustard plants ~100 million years ago. the herbivorous fly scaptomyza nigrita (d ...201627096082
how diploidization turned a tetraploid into a pseudotriploid.despite being highly fertile and occupying a large geographic region, the north american heartleaf bittercress (cardamine cordifolia; brassicaceae) has a puzzling triploid-like chromosome number (2n = 3x = 24). as most triploids are sterile, we embarked on a detailed analysis of the c. cordifolia genome to elucidate its origin and structure.201627206460
confounding effects of spatial variation on shifts in phenology.shifts in the timing of life history events have become an important source of information about how organisms are responding to climate change. phenological data have generally been treated as purely temporal, with scant attention to the inherent spatial aspects of such data. however, phenological data are tied to a specific location, and considerations of sampling design, both over space and through time, can critically affect the patterns that emerge. focusing on flowering phenology, we descr ...201727550575
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