effects of condensed tannins prepared from leaves of fodder plants on digestive enzymes in vitro and in the intestine of rats.1. of the nineteen plants screened, six were found to contain large quantities of condensed tannins. black locust (robinia pseudo-acacia), bush clover (lespedeza bicolor), wistaria (wistaria floribunda) and japanese knotgrass (reynoutria japonica) were used for the present experiment. tannins of the investigated plants were fractionated into three or four molecular forms, according to the degree of polymerization, by chromatography on a column of sephadex lh-20. 2. the protein-precipitating capa ...19882461730
[a comparative study on drought-resistance of four plant species in kerqin sandy land].the water physio-ecological index and photosynthetic rate of four plant species, caragana microphylla, amorpha fruticosa, artemish halodendron, and lespedeza bicolor, in kerqin sandy land were determined. the results showed that c. microphylla has the lowest leaf water potential and the highest water-maintainance, bound water/free water ratio, and water utilization efficiency. its drought-resistance is the strongest. amorpha fruticosa was contrary to caragana microphylla, and its drought-resista ...200212624989
[quantitative analysis on sharp-tooth oak stands in qinling mountains].the arbor stratum of quercus aliena var. acuteserrata stands included two substratums. phanerophyta synusium was in first position, and hemicryptophyta was inferior to it. the dbh structures of quercus aliena var. acuteserrata and pinus armandii were sinister normal school, which could finish self-regeneration under the natural conditions. the small dbh class individuals of pinus tabulaeformis were dominant, their dbh classes being distributed irregularly and absent very much. the large dbh clas ...200315031900
Potent inhibition of bacterial neuraminidase activity by pterocarpans isolated from the roots of Lespedeza bicolor.Bacterial neuraminidase has been highlighted as a key enzyme for pathogenic infection and sepsis. Six pterocarpans displaying significant levels of neuraminidase inhibitory activity were isolated from the root bark of Lespedeza bicolor. The isolated compounds were identified as three new pterocarpans (1-3) together with known compounds erythrabyssin II (4), lespebuergine G4 (5), and 1-methoxyerythrabyssin II (6). The new compounds were characterized as bicolosin A (1), bicolosin B (2), and bicol ...201121911291
isolation of plant-growth-promoting rhizobacteria from rhizospheric soil of halophytes and their impact on maize (zea mays l.) under induced soil salinity.the present investigation was aimed to scrutinize the salt tolerance potential of plant-growth-promoting rhizobacteria (pgpr) isolated from rhizospheric soil of selected halophytes (atriplex leucoclada, haloxylon salicornicum, lespedeza bicolor, suaeda fruticosa, and salicornica virginica) collected from high-saline fields (electrical conductivity 4.3-5.5) of district mardan, pakistan. five pgpr strains were identified using 16s rrna amplification and sequence analysis. bacillus sp., isolated fr ...201525776270
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