frugivory and seed dispersal of miconia theaezans (bonpl.) cogniaux (melastomataceae) by birds in a transition palm swamp: gallery forest in central brazil.the objective of this study was to evaluate potential avian dispersers of miconia theaezans by dietary habits in the cerrado of central brazil. forty-two hours and 40 minutes of focal tree observation were conducted between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm. for each bird species that consumed the fruit, we registered: the time they remained on the plant, the total amount of fruit they consumed, foraging tactics and strategies to consume the fruit. five-hundred and fifty-nine units of fruit were consumed in 4 ...201222437381
borrelia genospecies in ixodes sp. cf. ixodes affinis (acari: ixodidae) from argentina.the aim of this work was to evaluate the presence of borrelia infection in ixodes sp. cf. ixodes affinis ticks from argentina. specimens of ixodes sp. cf. i. affinis were collected on vegetation and birds in five locations belonging the most humid part of the chaco biogeographic province. specimens were tested for borrelia infection by nested-pcr targeting the flab gene and the rrfa-rrlb intergenic spacer region (igs), sequenced and phylogenetically analyzed. a total of 48 ixodes sp. cf. i. affi ...202032993952
apparent survival and cost of reproduction for white-lined tanager (tachyphonus rufus, thraupidae) in the northern atlantic rainforest, brazil.understanding latitudinal variation in avian life-history traits has been a focus of many demographic studies around the world. however, we still know little about annual or intra-annual demographic variation within tropical regions or about how factors such as breeding season and precipitation influence demographic rates. in this study, we estimated intra-annual apparent survival of the white-lined tanager (tachyphonus rufus) using capture-mark-recapture data from northeastern brazil. we tested ...201729016633
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