[new solid culture media for growing borrelia persica and borrelia microti].a new solid means for the fast detection of borrelia persica and borrelia microti is described. generally, culture and isolation of borrelia takes about 21 days. the serological test, which is carried out more often, takes less time but it is associated with false positive reactions relatively high. however, our new solid means reduces the culture time to 72 hours, allowing to have a fast diagnosis of the disease caused by borrelia persica and borrelia microti, and to start the early treatment o ...19969768268
the epidemiology of tick-borne relapsing fever in iran during 1997-2006.tick-borne relapsing fever is an acute febrile and endemic disease in iran. for many reasons, the incidence of disease is on decrease, however tick-borne relapsing fever is still a health issue in the rural areas for travelers. this study was carried out during 1997-2006 to investigate the tick-borne relapsing fever in iran.200919411042
relapsing fever borreliosis in eurasia--forgotten, but certainly not gone!tick-borne relapsing fever (tbrf) has been reported in eurasia and attributed mainly to borrelia persica, although other entities have also been described. ornithodoros tholozani is the most important tick vector, found in india and kashmir, the southern countries of the former ussr, iran, iraq, syria, jordan, turkey, israel, egypt, and cyprus. it inhabits caves, ruins, and burrows of rodents and small mammals. in the northern countries, o. tholozani also lives in houses and cowsheds. in israel, ...200919489923
phylogenetic analysis of the spirochete borrelia microti, a potential agent of relapsing fever in iran.we report a role for borrelia microti as a cause of relapsing fever in iran supported by robust epidemiological evidence. the molecular identity of this spirochete and its relation with other relapsing fever borreliae have, until now, been poorly delineated. we analyzed an isolate of b. microti, obtained from ornithodoros erraticus ticks, by sequencing four loci (16s rrna, flab, glpq, intragenic spacer [igs]) and comparing these sequences with those of other relapsing fever borreliae. phylogenet ...201222718931
tickborne relapsing fever in southern iran, 2011-2013. 025988268
relapsing fever causative agent in southern iran is a closely related species to east african borreliae.we obtained two blood samples from relapsing fever patients residing in jask county, hormozgan province, southern iran in 2013. sequencing of a partial fragment of glpq from two samples, and further characterization of one of them by analyzing flab gene, and 16s-23s spacer (igs) revealed the greatest sequence identity with east african borreliae, borrelia recurrentis, and borrelia duttonii, and borrelia microti from iran. phylogenetic analyses of glpq, flab, and concatenated sequences (glpq, fla ...201728736193
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