survey of turkey's endemic amphibians for chytrid fungus batrachochytrium dendrobatidis.we report a new survey for batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (bd) in turkey. we swabbed 228 individuals of 7 amphibian species (from 5 families) living in 2 locations (26-august national park and the turkish lakes district) in the southwestern anatolian region. the infection intensity of all the samples was determined using quantitative pcr. all 4 amphibian breeding sites and 4 amphibian species in 26-august national park were infected by bd, with the prevalence at each site ranging from 8 to 29%. ...201425266902
age, size, and growth of the turkish endemic frog pelophylax caralitanus (anura: ranidae).pelophylax caralitanus is a medium-sized frog that is endemic to the upland lake district of south-central turkey and currently identified as a threatened species as a result of overharvesting and habitat modification. in this report, demographic data are provided for four major lakeside populations of this species based on a skeletochronological analysis of bone growth in large samples of frogs that were captured and released during 2011 and 2013. adult males (aged 2-9 years) and females (aged ...201729266854
ontogenetic changes in the epiphyseal cartilage of rana (pelophylax) caralitana (anura: ranidae).we document histological changes through ontogeny in the epiphyseal cartilage of the third phalanx of rana caralitana from turkey and provide an assessment of the maturation of the epiphysis from newly metamorphosed froglets to 10-year-old individuals. the epiphysis of r. caralitana is compared to other rana taxa previously studied, and we report on novel histological data pertaining to later stages of epiphyseal growth in this taxon. in addition, we document the development of endochondral ossi ...201020814911
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