permanent genetic resources added to molecular ecology resources database 1 january 2009-30 april 2009.this article documents the addition of 283 microsatellite marker loci to the molecular ecology resources database. loci were developed for the following species: agalinis acuta; ambrosia artemisiifolia; berula erecta; casuarius casuarius; cercospora zeae-maydis; chorthippus parallelus; conyza canadensis; cotesia sesamiae; epinephelus acanthistius; ficedula hypoleuca; grindelia hirsutula; guadua angustifolia; leucadendron rubrum; maritrema novaezealandensis; meretrix meretrix; nilaparvata lugens; ...200921564911
incidence of the endosymbionts wolbachia, cardinium and spiroplasma in phytoseiid mites and associated prey.endosymbiotic bacteria that potentially influence reproduction and other fitness-related traits of their hosts are widespread in insects and mites and their appeal to researchers' interest is still increasing. we screened 20 strains of 12 agriculturally relevant herbivorous and predatory mite species for infection with wolbachia, cardinium and spiroplasma by the use of pcr. the majority of specimens originated from austria and were field collected or mass-reared. eight out of 20 strains (40%) te ...200717554631
phytoseiid mites on unsprayed apple trees in oregon, and other western states (usa): distributions, life-style types and relevance to commercial unsprayed apple trees in eastern oregon, galendromus flumenis (chant), galendromus occidentalis (nesbitt), typhlodromus caudiglans schuster and metaseiulus citri (garman and mcgregor) were common phytoseiid mites; common plant-feeding mites were the eriophyid, aculus schlechtendali nalepa, the brown mite, bryobia rubrioculus (scheuten) and eotetranychus spp.; apple rust mites seemed to be the primary prey for phytoseiids; the spider mites, tetranychus urticae koch and panonychus ulmi (koch) w ...200415560525
species association among predaceous and phytophagous apple mites (acari: eriophyidae, phytoseiidae, stigmaeidae, tetranychidae).predator-predator, predator-prey, and prey-prey associations among nine species of mites were studied in a plot of 100 'red delicious' apple (malus pumila miller) trees from 1990 to 1997. in 1990, seven-year-old trees were inoculated with panonychus ulmi (koch), tetranychus urticae koch (acari: tetranychidae) or both, and sprayed with azinphosmethyl (alone or plus endosulfan), or nothing. the species zetzellia mali (ewing) (acari: stigmaeidae), amblyseius andersoni chant (acari: phytoseiidae), e ...200111513362
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