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low vector competence in sylvatic mosquitoes limits zika virus to initiate an enzootic cycle in south america.zika virus (zikv) has spread in the americas since 2015 and the potential establishment of a sylvatic transmission cycle in the continent has been hypothesized. we evaluated vector competence of five sylvatic neotropical mosquito species to two zikv isolates. distinct batches of haemagogus leucoceleanus, sabethes albiprivus, sabethes identicus, aedes terrens and aedes scapularis females were respectively orally challenged and inoculated intrathoracically with zikv. orally challenged mosquitoes w ...201931882976
potential risk of re-emergence of urban transmission of yellow fever virus in brazil facilitated by competent aedes populations.yellow fever virus (yfv) causing a deadly viral disease is transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes. in brazil, yfv is restricted to a forest cycle maintained between non-human primates and forest-canopy mosquitoes, where humans can be tangentially infected. since late 2016, a growing number of human cases have been reported in southeastern brazil at the gates of the most populated areas of south america, the atlantic coast, with rio de janeiro state hosting nearly 16 million people. we sh ...201728687779
ecological aspects of mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) in the gallery forest of brasília national park, brazil, with an emphasis on potential vectors of yellow fever.we analyzed the vertical and monthly distributions of culicid species in the gallery forest of brasília national park, with an emphasis on the potential vectors of yellow fever (yf).201424142367
isolation of yellow fever virus from mosquitoes in misiones province, argentina.yellow fever (yf) is a viral hemorrhagic fever endemic to tropical regions of south america and africa. from 2007 to 2009 an important epidemic/epizootic of yf was detected in different populations of howler monkeys (alouatta species) in misiones, a northeastern argentinian province. yellow fever virus (yfv) infection was researched and documented by laboratory tests in humans and in dead alouatta carayá. the objective of that research was to investigate the circulation of yfv in mosquitoes, whi ...201223025694
yellow fever virus in haemagogus leucocelaenus and aedes serratus mosquitoes, southern brazil, 2008.yellow fever virus (yfv) was isolated from haemagogus leucocelaenus mosquitoes during an epizootic in 2001 in the rio grande do sul state in southern brazil. in october 2008, a yellow fever outbreak was reported there, with nonhuman primate deaths and human cases. this latter outbreak led to intensification of surveillance measures for early detection of yfv and support for vaccination programs. we report entomologic surveillance in 2 municipalities that recorded nonhuman primate deaths. mosquit ...201021122222
assessing the molecular divergence between anopheles (kerteszia) cruzii populations from brazil using the timeless gene: further evidence of a species complex.anopheles (kerteszia) cruzii was the most important vector of human malaria in southern brazil between 1930-1960. nowadays it is still considered an important plasmodium spp. vector in southern and south-eastern brazil, incriminated for oligosymptomatic malaria. previous studies based on the analysis of x chromosome banding patterns and inversion frequencies in an. cruzii populations from these areas have suggested the occurrence of three sibling species. in contrast, two genetically distinct gr ...200919358734
forest-obligate sabethes mosquitoes suggest palaeoecological perturbations.the origin of tropical forest diversity has been hotly debated for decades. although specific mechanisms vary, many such explanations propose some vicariance in the distribution of species during glacial cycles and several have been supported by genetic evidence in neotropical taxa. however, no consensus exists with regard to the extent or time frame of the vicariance events. here, we analyse the cytochrome oxidase ii mitochondrial gene of 250 sabethes albiprivus b mosquitoes sampled from wester ...200818506202
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