a study of the ciliar tracheal epithelium on passerine birds and small mammals subjected to air pollution: ultrastructural study.a study was made of the ciliar tracheal epithelium on passerine birds and small mammals subjected to nox, so2 emissions and particulates from a coal-fired power plant. the results were compared to those of a non-polluted area, very similar in vegetation, relief, and climatology. we studied carduelis carduelis (goldfinch), emberiza cia (rock bunting), parus major (great tit), turdus merula (blackbird), and apodemus sylvaticus (wood mouse). all animals were captured in the wild. we also used goldf ...19948024317
effects of air pollution on passerine birds and small mammals.the effects produced by emissions from coal-fired power plants, including mainly so2, nox and particulates, on natural populations and caged specimens of birds and small mammals were studied. the field-captured species used to evaluate these effects were passerine birds: parus major (coal tit) and emberiza cia (rock bunting), and the rodent apodemus sylvaticus (wood mouse). in parallel to this study on animals captured in the field, we used other animals, mus musculus (house mouse) and carduelis ...19938466292
effects of air pollution on hematological parameters in passerine birds.the effects of atmospheric air pollution on some hematological, and bioquimic parameters, of passerine birds were analyzed. the studies were undertaken in the area of cercs (polluted area in spain), where there is a coal-fired power plant that emanates so2, nox, and particles, and the area of st. jaume de frontanya (nonpolluted area) located 40 km from the area of cercs with similar climatology, relief, and altitude, but without air pollution. the results showed that there was a significant decr ...19968688002
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