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[on the problem of the role of meriones meridianus pall. and meriones tamariscinus pall. in the preservation and spreading of brucellosis]. 196213919633
[a change in erythrocyte membrane permeability in rodents under the influence of fish oil, vitamin e and fatty acids].in experiments on 370 gerbils (meriones tamariscinus) and 56 albino rats, studies have been made on the effects of vitamin e, rancid cod-liver oil and unsaturated fatty acids (oleic, oxidated oleic and linoleic) upon the permeability of erythrocyte membrane. osmotic fragility of erythrocytes to hypotonic nacl solutions was measured. seasonal changes in the permeability and sexual differences in these changes were observed. in m. tamariscinus the addition of vitamin e, cod-liver oil and unsaturat ...19751154925
[the participation of the gastrointestinal tract of desert rodents in osmoregulation].studies have been made on the levels of na, k and water in the content of rectum and blind gut of the albino rat rattus norvegicus and gerbils rhombomys opimus, meriones tamariscinus and m. meridianus under conventional water and salt supply and during prolonged water deprivation of animals. it was shown that under conventional conditions, the content of water, na and k in the chymus of the blind gut is higher in gerbils than in rats. after 7-day dehydration in rats, the body weight decreased by ...197995853
[effect of vitamin e (alpha-tocopherol) on the spontaneous activity of the cerebral cortex].in experiments on 55 meriones tamariscinus and 49 white rats the influence of d, l, alpha-tocopherolacetate on background activity of the sensorimotor and visual zones of the cerebral cortex of intact and castrated rodents was studied. species and sex differences were revealed in animals reaction to vitamin e in doses commensurable with therapeutic ones. it is shown that tocopherol elicits a reduction of frequency and increase of amplitude of ecogs in meriones males and female white rats. after ...19846711121
[a small-mammal study in the northeastern kara kum for leptospirosis infectivity].search for natural foci of leptospirosis was carried out in 1987-1989 in humid biotopes of tashauz province, turkmenistan. such potential carriers of leptospirosis as house mice (mus musculus) and tamarisk gerbils (meriones tamariscinus) are widely spread in this area, and the size of their population can amount to great numbers. the sharpest fluctuations in the population size are characteristic of house mice inhabiting the shores of water collecting ponds and lakes in the regions of minimally ...19911835231
[the relationship between the season, the concentration of vitamin e in the diet and alterations in the fatty acid composition of the fats of meriones tamariscinus pall]. 20084828110
genetic diversity and geographic distribution of hantaviruses in russia.haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) is the most prevalent zoonotic disease in russia. it is caused by several hantavirus species hosted by small rodents. we describe spatial and temporal patterns of hfrs incidence in the russian federation, and the geographic distribution of prevalent hantavirus species: puumala (puuv) and dobrava (dobv). partial sequencing of nucleocapsid and glycoprotein genes of 117 puuv strains and 78 dobv strains revealed several distinct genetic subgroups. the rn ...200919486318
[microbial nitrogen fixation in the gastro-intestinal tract of kalmykia gerbils (meriones. tamariscinus and meriones meridianus)].the nitrogen-fixing activity, nitrogen (n) and carbon (c) contents, and the number of microorganisms in the forestomach, cecum, and segmented intestine were detected in two gerbil species, granivorous meriones meridianus and m. tamariscinus, which consume a large amount of green parts of the plants. m. meridianus had higher levels of nitrogen-fixation activity in all investigated parts of the gastro-intestinal tract compared with m. tamariscinus. the highest levels were detected in the colon of ...201021077365
[Isolating structures of gerbils' digestive tract (Gerbillidae, Rhombomys, Meriones) and their functional significance].The morphology of the digestive tract of three species of gerbils, characterized by different food specialization-Rhombomys opimus, Meriones tamariscinus and M. meridianus--is considered. The correlation between areas of glandular and keratinizing epithelium is variable and depends greatly on the type of stomach filling and distribution of food mass in it. The bordering fold and ileocecaljunction is not only able to isolate the forestomach and caecum significantly but also may be a mechanism of ...201121870494
myocoptid mites (acariformes: myocoptidae) of the fauna of the former ussr.mites of the family myocoptidae (acariformes: sarcoptoidea) of the former ussr are revised based on the collection of the zoological institute ras (st. petersburg, russia). seventeen described species are recorded. four species are described as new for science: trichoecius dubininae sp. nov. from lasiopodomys gregalis (pallas) (rodentia: cricetidae) from russia (chelyabinsk prov., type locality), kazakhstan and kirghizia, t. lemmus sp. nov. from lemmus sibiricus (kerr) (rodentia: cricetidae) fro ...201627988689
[biotope distribution of two gerbil species (meriones meridianus and m. tamariscinus) (rodentia, gerbillinae) in southern kalmykia].our studies have been conducted in southern kalmykia (black lands) in 1994-1996. the data obtained on the same territories in 1981-1983, as well as in 1997-1998 were used for comparison. over the studied period, the size of meriones tamariscinus population underwent a significant increase. in the early 1980s, the colonies of this species were found only on sandy dunes covered with tamarix. at the present time, m. tamariscinus populations have spread over stabilized sands, abandoned shepherd camp ...201610881433
characteristics of digesta passage through the gastrointestinal tract of the tamarisk gerbil (meriones tamariscinus). 201721221902
[soil biological activity in the chernye zemli, kalmykia, inhabited by gerbils meriones tamariscinus and m. meridianus].the influence of tamarisk (meriones tamariscinus) and midday (m. meridianus) gerbils on soil biological activity in the chernye zemli, kalmykia, was studied. nitrogen fixation, denitrification, and co2 emission were measured in soil samples from different parts of gerbil burrows. functional biodiversity of the microbial community was evaluated using multisubstrate testing and comparison of bacterial group composition in samples from gerbil burrows. the impact of gerbils on soil biological activi ...201716521547
identification and characterization of jingmen tick virus in rodents from xinjiang, china.jingmen tick virus (jmtv) is a recently identified virus which provides an unexpected connection between segmented and unsegmented rna viruses. recent investigations reveal that jmtv including jmtv-like virus (alongshan virus) could be associated with human disease, suggesting the significance of jmtv in public health. to better understand the genetic diversity and host range of jmtv, a total of 164 rodents representing 8 species were collected in qapqal xibe county of xinjiang uygur autonomous ...202032531517
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