[sarcocystis alceslatrans (apicomplexa) from a palaearctic elk (ruminantia)].sarcocysts from a palaearctic moose have been studied for the first time by light and electron microscopy. because of coincidences in morphology of the cysts, especially of the cyst wall structure and the cystozoides, with the north american species sarcocystis alceslatrans dubey, 1980, they are assigned to this species.19863096168
development of sarcocystis alceslatrans dubey, 1980, in the small intestine of dogs.laboratory-reared dogs were fed moose musculature infected with sarcocystis alceslatrans. these dogs shed sporocysts [15.6 x 11.4 microns (14.4 to 15.8 x 10.8 to 11.5)] 11 to 15 days after inoculation. the prepatent period was 10 to 14 days. two cats and 1 coyote that also ate infected moose musculature did not pass sporocysts. histologic examination of intestinal tissue from experimentally infected dogs revealed microgamonts, macrogametes, and oocysts. all stages were present in the lamina prop ...19836416114
sarcocystis species in moose (alces alces), bison (bison, bison), and pronghorn (antilocapra americana) in montana.the transmission of sarcocystis spp from naturally infected moose, bison, and pronghorn was attempted in laboratory-raised coyotes and dogs. infected musculature from a moose was feed to a dog and a coyote, and 12 days later, both animals shed sporocysts. sporocysts were 14 to 17 x 8.5 to 10.5 micron (av 14.5 x 8.8). a coyote was fed muscle from a bison, and 11 days later, it shed sporocysts. the sporocysts were 14 to 16 x 9 to 11 micron (14.0 x 9.0). infected tissues from a pronghorn were fed t ...19806782919
sarcocystis in moose (alces alces): molecular identification and phylogeny of six sarcocystis species in moose, and a morphological description of three new species.muscle tissues from 34 moose from southeastern norway and two moose from canada were examined. sarcocysts were excised and morphologically classified by light microscopy, and some cysts were further examined by scanning electron microscopy or dna amplification and sequencing at the small subunit (ssu) rrna gene. in norwegian moose, three sarcocyst types were recognized, yet five sarcocystis species were found by sequence analysis. new names were proposed for three species which could be characte ...200818369663
meningoencephalitis associated with disseminated sarcocystosis in a free-ranging moose (alces alces) calf.a wild moose (alces alces) calf was presented for necropsy due to severe neurologic signs. histopathologic examination revealed multisystemic inflammation with intralesional mature and immature schizonts. schizonts in the brain reacted positively to sarcocystis spp. polyclonal antibodies. gene sequencing of pcr-amplified dna identified the species as sarcocystis alceslatrans.201526246636
morphological and molecular characteristics of four sarcocystis spp. in canadian moose (alces alces), including sarcocystis taeniata n. sp.individual sarcocysts were isolated from fresh or alcohol-fixed muscle samples of two moose from alberta, canada, and examined by light (lm) and scanning electron microscopy (sem) and molecular methods, comprising polymerase chain reaction (pcr) amplification and sequencing of the complete18s rrna gene and the partial cytochrome c oxidase subunit i gene (cox1). by lm, four sarcocyst types were recognized, and the sequencing results showed that each type represented a distinct species, i.e. sarco ...201424535735
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