staphylococcal food poisoning from infected snoek.snoek was implicated in the food poisoning of 2 people in bloemfontein. the patients' symptoms and culture of snoek samples suggested staphylococcus aureus as the causative agent. enumeration of s. aureus by selective procedures gave counts of 200 000 per gram in snoek obtained from the patients and from the butchery supplying the snoek. investigations indicated that the snoek was heavily contaminated with s. aureus before arrival at the butchery and that the organisms grew as a result of mishan ...1977564558
[new species of trematodes from fishes of the falkland-patagonian region (south-western atlantic)].four new species of trematodes are described from fishes of the falkland--patagonian region as follows: infundibulostomum patagonicum from notothenia ramzay; stenacron mancopsetti from mancopsetta maculata; neolepidapedon argentinensis from salilota australis; hirudinelloides elongatus from thyrsites atun. for the latter species a new genus, hirudinelloides, has been erected. representatives of the genera infundibulostomum, stenacron and neolepidapedon are first reported from this region.1977909727
private specificity of h-2ldx molecule detected serologically by a surface antigen redistribution method (capping).the presence of h-2.1 positive-h-2.63 negative molecules, h-2ldx, in the products of the ddx region was originally detected in h-2dx inbred strains grs/a and lis/a (snoek et al. 1979). this study confirms the existence of h-2ldx molecules in 2 congeneic strains with a h-2dx haplotype on c3h (c3h.lg strain) and b10 ( strain) background. besides anti-h-2.1-like antibodies present in anti-ddx allo-antiserum, monoclonal antibody d anti-k (h100-5/28, h-2.m3) was shown to react with h-2ldx molec ...19826183786
fluorescently labeled phosphatidylinositol transfer protein isoforms (alpha and beta), microinjected into fetal bovine heart endothelial cells, are targeted to distinct intracellular sites.upon permeabilization of swiss mouse 3t3 fibroblasts, an isoform of phosphatidylinositol transfer protein (pi-tp) was preferentially retained, a major part of which was associated with the perinuclear golgi system (k. j. de vries, a. momchilova-pankova, g. t. snoek, and k. w. a. wirtz, exp. cell res. 215, 109-113, 1994). in the present study, the intracellular localization of this isoform (pi-tp beta) and the regular form (pi-tp alpha) was investigated in fetal bovine heart endothelial cells by ...19968806448
dislocation-enhanced induced snoek peak associated with heavy interstitials in the presence of kinks moving harmonically in anisotropic body-centered-cubic metals. 19859936465
new anelastic relaxation effect in y-ba-cu-o at low temperature: a snoek-type peak due to oxygen diffusion. 19889945439
mechanism of snoek-köster relaxation in body-centered-cubic metals. 19949976627
folding structures of isolated peptides as revealed by gas-phase mid-infrared understand the intrinsic properties of peptides, which are determined by factors such as intramolecular hydrogen bonding, van der waals bonding and electrostatic interactions, the conformational landscape of isolated protein building blocks in the gas phase was investigated. here, we present ir-uv double-resonance spectra of jet-cooled, uncapped peptides containing a tryptophan (trp) uv chromophore in the 1000-2000 cm(-1) spectral range. in the series trp, trp-gly and trp-gly-gly (where gly s ...200515688655
comment on: knol mj, twisk jwr, beekman atf, heine rj, snoek fj, pouwer f. (2006) depression as a risk factor for the onset of type 2 diabetes mellitus. a meta-analysis. diabetologia; 49: 837-845. 200616917758
effect of processing conditions on trace elements in fish roe from six commercial new zealand fish species.the concentrations of trace elements in fish roes and the effect of processing conditions (karasumi-like or karashi mentaiko) were investigated in six commercial fish species from new zealand. the studied elements were as, cd, cr, cu, hg, pb, and zn, and the roes were from the following species: chinook salmon ( oncorhynchus tshawytscha), hoki ( macruronus novaezelandiae), southern blue whiting ( micromesistius australis), hake ( merluccius australis), blue warehou ( seriolella brama), and barra ...200818494479
the anti-apoptotic activity associated with phosphatidylinositol transfer protein alpha activates the mapk and akt/pkb pathway.the conditioned medium (cm) from mouse nih3t3 fibroblast cells overexpressing phosphatidylinositol transfer protein alpha (pi-tpalpha; spialpha cells) demonstrates an increased anti-apoptotic activity compared with cm from wild type nih3t3 (wtnih3t3) cells. as previously shown, the anti-apoptotic activity acts by activating a g protein-coupled receptor, most probably a cannabinoid 1 (cb1)-like receptor as the activity was blocked by both pertussis toxin and rimonabant [m. schenning, c.m. van tie ...200818501717
the dual pathway model of overeating. replication and extension with actual food consumption.van strien et al. [van strien, t., engels, r. c. m. e., van leeuwe, j., snoek, h. m. (2005). the stice model of overeating: tests in clinical and non-clinical samples. appetite, 45, 205-213] extended the negative affect pathway of stice's dual pathway model of overeating stice [stice, e. (1994). review of the evidence for a sociocultural model of bulimia nervosa and an exploration of the mechanisms of action. clinical psychology review, 14(7), 633-661] successfully with the variables lack of int ...200918723058
fast vibrational calculation of anharmonic oh-stretch frequencies for two low-energy noradrenaline conformers.we introduce a new reduced-coupling technique to accelerate direct calculations of a selected number of vibrational frequencies in large molecular systems. our method combines the advantages of the single-to-all correlation-corrected vibrational self-consistent field (sta-cc-vscf) approach [d. m. benoit, j. chem. phys. 125, 244110 (2006)] with those of the fast-cc-vscf technique [d. m. benoit, j. chem. phys. 120, 562 (2004)] and allows the ab initio calculation of only the relevant parts of the ...200819102529
establishment of a mitochondrial dna sequence database for the identification of fish species commercially available in south africa.the limitations intrinsic to morphology-based identification systems have created an urgent need for reliable genetic methods that enable the unequivocal recognition of fish species, particularly those that are prone to overexploitation and/or market substitution. the aim of this study was to develop a comprehensive reference library of dna sequence data to allow the explicit identification of 53 commercially available fish species in south africa, most of which were locally caught marine specie ...201121689383
humpback whale "super-groups" - a novel low-latitude feeding behaviour of southern hemisphere humpback whales (megaptera novaeangliae) in the benguela upwelling system.southern hemisphere humpback whales (megaptera novaeangliae) generally undertake annual migrations from polar summer feeding grounds to winter calving and nursery grounds in subtropical and tropical coastal waters. evidence for such migrations arises from seasonality of historic whaling catches by latitude, discovery and natural mark returns, and results of satellite tagging studies. feeding is generally believed to be limited to the southern polar region, where antarctic krill (euphausia superb ...201728249036
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