effects of flow and colony morphology on the thermal boundary layer of corals.the thermal microenvironment of corals and the thermal effects of changing flow and radiation are critical to understanding heat-induced coral bleaching, a stress response resulting from the destruction of the symbiosis between corals and their photosynthetic microalgae. temperature microsensor measurements at the surface of illuminated stony corals with uneven surface topography (leptastrea purpurea and platygyra sinensis) revealed millimetre-scale variations in surface temperature and thermal ...201121602322
highly organized structure in the non-coding region of the psba minicircle from clade c symbiodinium.the chloroplast genes of dinoflagellates are distributed among small, circular dsdna molecules termed minicircles. in this paper, we describe the structure of the non-coding region of the psba minicircle from symbiodinium: dna sequence was obtained from five symbiodinium strains obtained from four different coral host species (goniopora tenuidens, heliofungia actiniformis, leptastrea purpurea and pocillopora damicornis), which had previously been determined to be closely related using lsu rdna r ...200314657100
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